Woahink Float-fly; October 5 - 6, 2013

If you are an R/C float-flyer in Southern Oregon, there are three events you try to never miss...

1. There is the kick-off to the season at Agate Lake near Medford in April where everyone brings out their new completed winter projects.

2. The middle-of-summer or Father's Day get-together at Platt 1 near Sutherlin is the second event which seems to be where the guys return with their repaired planes from Agate.

3. The grand finale at Oregon's beautiful Coast in early October is the final event of the year. Woahink (located near Florence) is a protected fresh water lake about 5 miles from the ocean that is perfectly suited to RC flying as well as being picturesque in the extreme. Of course, this event seems to be where the guys bring the re-repaired planes from earlier in the year!

Events such as this require a CD (Contest Director) and a boat to retrieve stranded airplanes. We are very fortunate to have Bob Campbell who not only CD's the event but supplies the boat and does most of the rescues. Thanks Bob, you are truly our hero!

Three 95+ mph NorthStars in a typical tight turn.Drag your mouse across the thumbs to watch the action.(Touch-screen users can click the thumbs.)

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