Warbirds & All Scale Contest - May 30-31, 2015

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Twenty-six flyers answered the Call to Arms with an amazing collection of beautiful model airplanes and one "Mash" helicopter.

  • Left-to-Right:
  • Mike Lee
  • Tim Agee
  • Richard Agee
  • Len Barker
  • Clark Wolf
  • Alan Littlewood
  • Bob Campbell
  • Cliff Sands
  • Bill Humphrey
  • Tal Botner
  • Paul Starks
  • Gary Neal
  • R. Funk
  • Rod Elledge
  • Ron Kelso
  • Larry Cogdell
  • Jess Funk
  • John Gaines
  • Rich DeMartini
  • John Parks
  • Paul Chapman
  • Dan Gellner
  • Larry Myers
  • Khoi Tran
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Gus Phillips
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Dave Bartholomew
  • Martin Sherman
  • John Gaines takes his role as CD seriously and seemed to be everywhere at once making sure the flying rules were followed and insuring everyone had a good time.

  • Speaking of rules, here is John demonstrating with a Karate Chop what would happen to anyone flying over the "off-limits" house adjacent to the flying field.

  • Rich DeMartini (center) helped with the extensive paperwork that AMA requires of sanctioned events. Rich can be forgiven for his vacant stare if you factor in the two hours of registrations he just supervised in 90 degree heat! Rich is the CD for the upcoming Pylon Races and will be well rested by then.

Over 50 planes were entered into four categories as befitting a Warbird contest; World War I, World War II, Civilian and All Others. The winners were decided by popular vote and each won a wall trophy complete with suitable plane laser etched onto it. The trophies were supplied by our illustrious CD, John Gaines, who by the way has made this contest into one of the best attended of any the Rogue Eagles put on. We even had 7 flyers from out of town some of whom brought ten or more planes in an enormous trailer!

Winners of the 2015 Warbirds & All Scale Contest

  • Standing(L-R):
  • Paul Starks
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Rick Lindsey
  • Alan Littlewood
  • Gary Neal
  • R. Funk
  • Khoi Tran
  • Martin Sherman
  • John Parks
  • Kneeling:
  • John Gaines, who won "Best of Show" with his incredible, scratch-built Grumman Lynx.
Category Place Pilot Plane
WW I 1st Paul Starks Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter
2nd Rick Lindsey Nieuport 17
3rd Martin Sherman Sopwith Pup
WW II 1st Khoi Tran P-40 Warhawk
2nd John Parks Stearman N2S
3rd Ron Dilday P-51 Mustang
Civilian 1st John Gaines Grumman Lynx
2nd Alan Littlewood Pitts Special
3rd Gary Neal Cessna 310
All Others 1st R. Funk T-28 Trojan
2nd Calvin Emigh A-10 Warthog
3rd John Parks Bell Helicopter
Best of Show John Gaines Grumman Lynx

There was eye-candy galore in the form of model airplanes filling the skies.
It seemed there was never any time of "dead air". Someone was always flying.
Below, in no particular order, are some of the airplanes we were treated to.

  • This won "Best of Show" by a mile. John Gaines built this model over a period of 4 years. Photos of the Lynx under construction showing the incredible cockpit detail can be seen in the middle of our Warbirds 2012 page.

  • Martin Sherman and John Parks fly this Stearman as a team. The airplane weighs 46 pounds and sports an RCS 215cc five cylinder radial up front swinging what looks like a 30 inch prop. When putting the plane together for a day of flying, John and Martin can easily spend over 30 minutes getting the flying wires just so.

  • John Parks usually does the piloting these days and knows how to wring its tail. With its 10 foot wingspan, when it goes up, everyone can feel it blotting out the sun!

  • A Sky Raider taking off. Notice the right full rudder. Sometimes the torque of the engines causes the planes to yaw to the left.