Warbirds and Scale Fly-In; July 19-20, 2014

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Somehow it seemed appropriate that a magnificent bald eagle was patrolling the skies above Agate Skyways during our annual Warbirds event. This guy seemed to pose for the camera as if to say "welcome to my world".

John Gaines, our illustrious CD, seems to be asking for a "day use fee" but was actually explaining the judging that was about to take place. Every year a plane is chosen out of three categories as a spectator's choice. The winning plane earns a nice plaque for its owner that is a proud addition to any modeler's shop wall.

Being a CD means you are responsible for the safety of the flyers as well as that of the spectators. John takes this responsibility seriously and took great pains to explain clearly the flying rules at Agate so that everyone could have a good time. As always, Good Job.

Judging is taken seriously and the winning planes are announced later in the day.

Scale planes are allowed to fly and Steve Coleman put on a dazzling display of aerobatics and demonstrated mastery of the "Really Big Rudder". Here you can see he is using all of it.

Bring on the JETS! Fifty year-old cabinet maker Dave Davis brought his 130 mph 32 pound Euro-Sport from Forest Grove, Oregon and basically stopped the show. This plane uses a true jet turbine engine with thrust-vectoring. The engine itself runs on Jet-A jet fuel and has a maximum rpm of 130,000 rpm. Dave reports that the plane is very easy to fly but cautions new-comers to jets to "keep the hammer on" during turns and not to treat it like a typical sport rc plane. Bruce Tharpe (on the left) and Dave Davis (on the right) are two of only a small hand-full of jet qualified pilots in Oregon.

  • There were fifteen pilots who signed up to fly on our still-to-be-completed runway. As you can see for yourself, it took a little courage to brave the nasty sharp edge and the crushed asphalt perimeter. Here we see Larry Cogdell letting her rip with his own electric ducted fan jet.

The Mustang is the most iconic warbird of them all. North American Aviation's answer to long range bomber escort led them to design what is arguably the thoroughbred of world war two fighters. They are a modeler's delight and the Mustang is very well represented here.

  • Thanks to the whole gang who make these meets so much fun. This particular meet had more spectators than any time in the past thanks to the attention given to public relations by Larry Cogdell. Larry (here pictured talking to John Gaines) deserves a round of applause for getting our event into the local newspaper. To everyone, a "Job Well Done"!

Winners of the Warbirds 2014 Contests

Category Place Pilot Plane
Civilian 1st Ron Kelso Ryan STA
2nd Kai Aiello SR22T Cirrus
3rd Ron Kelso Miss America Mustang
WW II 1st Paul Starks PT 19
2nd Dale McCuistion Spitfire
3rd Alan Littlewood Mustang
WW I 1st Cliff Sands DR-1
All Other 1st Clark Wolf Douglas Skyraider
2nd Dave Davis Euro Jet
3rd Larry Cogdell F-15 Electric
Best of Show Dave Davis Euro Jet