Warbirds over Agate Field; May 18 - 19, 2013.

John Gaines

First and foremost we have to thank John Gaines for graciously CD'ing a third event in a time span of 4 weeks. He made this year's Warbirds an enjoyable experience for all 22 pilots who attended. His boundless energy, attention to detail and dedication to our club inspires everyone around him. Without John, this might have been "just another weekend". Oh, and he also made the commemorative trophy plaques. What a guy! Thanks, John.

Warbirds CD John Gaines presents Awards to the pilots

The following participants received awards:

Trophy Cup
Clark Wolf III
Clark Wolf III
Best of Show
Trophy Cup
Larry Maerz
Larry Maerz
1st place WWI
Frank Wolcott
Frank Wolcott
1st place Peace Time
Dan Gelluer
Dan Gelluer
1st place WWII
Clark Wolf III
Clark Wolf III
2nd place WWII
Steve Alkire
Steve Alkire
3rd Place WWII
Larry Myers
Larry Myers
1st place Civilian
Ron Kelso
Ron Kelso
2nd place Civilian

In no particular order, the following represents the eye candy we were all treated to:


Off to do battle.


Nice Tiger Moth.


The boys relaxing in back of Martin's enormous 144" Curtis Robbins.


There were a few Mustangs. This was shot at 15,000 feet from a chase plane. No, not really.


Gus Phillips and John Parks with a couple of hot Thunderbolts.


Mr. Phillips' Thunderbolt on the prowl.


John's Thunderbolt is lifting off.


Ron Dilday (rt), Dale McCuistian and significant other getting a Mustang ready to go. Yes, Dale is shy.

Warbirds2013-103-468w.jpg Warbirds2013-112x-468w.jpg

Some foamys are natural ankle biters!


Winding up the old rubber band... John Parks with trademark Hawaiian shirt and Larry Myers.


Steve Alkire brought his beautiful Corsair built from a kit and powered by a 111cc monster DLA. Here he is on final "down and dirty".

Warbirds2013-050-469w.jpg Warbirds2013-047-469w.jpg


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Artistic Interpretations

DSC_2953+952w.jpgPhotoArt by: Pat Dunlap
DSC_2995+952w.jpgPhotoArt by: Pat Dunlap
DSC_3052+952w.jpgPhotoArt by: Pat Dunlap