Warbirds 2012 in Medford, Oregon

Warbirds over Agate Field; May 19 - 20, 2012.

John Gaines is the CD for the Rogue Eagles Warbird event and has striven to create an environment of relaxed fun and flying for lovers of WW I & WW II airplanes. In keeping with the spirit of fun, this year John allowed non-warbird airplanes to join the festivities with separate categories for civilian and 'other'.

Alan Littlewood Spitfire

Alan Littlewood won first place in WWII with his stunning 88" scale Mark IX Spitfire which took 2-1/2 years to build. It sports a First Place 56cc engine and features one of the nicest scale pilots anyone has ever seen hand painted by his daughter.

Alan built this from a Pica kit which are notorious for being challenging. The airplane weighs in at 19 pounds, 23 ounces of which is lead added for balance, and is balsa glassed over with fiberglass. This bird is absolutely gorgeous.

Bruce Harlow Eindecker

Since our event is open to any pilot with AMA membership, we often get to see flyers from around Southern Oregon.

Joining us today is Bruce Harlow with his Fokker Eindecker which he has been campaigning for at least 4 years.

Bruce visits us from Sutherlin and is the CD of several fine events in that neck of the woods.

This Eindecker is built from an SR Batteries kit and is powered by a 26cc Zenoah.

Cliff's Gere Good Pic Cliff's Gere Sport

Here we have a beautiful biplane of the 1930's with a colorful construction lineage. This airplane was started by an unknown gentleman 19 years ago, left unfinished in a garage for many years, given to Cliff Sands to complete, traded to Mort Sullivan for another airplane, and finally traded back to Cliff to finish and fly. At least three men had their hands in the balsa.

This plane started life as a Bud Nosen kit called the "Gere Sport". Cliff named his incarnation "Le Wild Goose". It has a 114" top wing and is powered by a Zenoah GT80. Cliff reports that it flies beautifully.

To the left we see an example of the care one takes when starting an 80cc engine by hand. Note the glove.

Cliff's Gere Taking Off Cliff's Gere Over Mountain
Dave Bartholomew

Dave Bartholomew has been building models for about 8 years.

The plane that Dave is holding is a 1/4-scale model of the 1930-40's Model 110 Special Monocoupe. It is an ARF with an Evolution 35cc gas engine (the top recommended engine for this model). It weighs about 14 lbs and has a wingspan of 69 inches. It was originally distributed by Pacific Aeromodel but has since been discontinued.

The original full-scale Monocoupe (Model 90) was designed to compete with the Piper Cub in the 1930's. The Monocoupe Corporation endowed it with a little more performance and a lot more luxury. The Model 110, with a 110 HP radial engine, became their flagship version. They offered a Model 110 Special with wings clipped by almost 30% (only 10 were built). Racing pilot, Johnny Livingstone, raced a special version of the Model 110 Special with a 220 HP radial. Livingstone won many races during the 30s and 40s.

In case the wings on Dave's plane look a little "stubby", it's because his model is patterned after the racing version of the Monocoupe!

Dave said that his Monocoupe was originally assembled by John James about 4 years ago and that he acquired it from John in August, 2010.

Cliff's SuperCub2+Mort Cliff's SuperCub Instruments Cliff's with SuperCub

Cliff Sands won Best in Show for his giant Super Cub built from a 1/3 scale Balsa USA Kit. Mort Sullivan started this one 2 years ago then traded it to Cliff.

What really separates this beauty from the rest of the pack is of course the monster scale of the finished craft (144 inch wingspan). By walking around and peering in at the instrument panel, one can see where he really earned "BEST IN SHOW". Every knob, gas gauge, switch and light is there and in its proper place! It even sports rudder pedals and headsets for the pilot!!

Powered by a Zenoah G62 cc two-stroke gas engine and weighing 40 pounds, pneumatic brakes, a Calvin Emigh custom controller for lights, strobes and landing lights puts this bird in a class by itself.

John Gaines' Grumman Unfinisihed

John Gaines, our Warbirds CD, has been patiently building a 33% scale Grumman Lynx low wing trainer entirely from scratch from Dave Anderson plans. He has been working on it for about three years and hopes to finish it this year. It has a 100 in. wing span and weighs about 35 pounds. It will be powered by an 80cc twin cylender gas engine. The instrument panel and flight controls alone have taken over 6 months of painstaking work. As the closeups below show, the workmanship is inspirational.

John Gaines' Lynx Instruments1 John Gaines' Lynx Instruments2
John Gaines' Mustang

John kept his beautiful P-51B Mustang out of the competition because he felt as CD he should not enter. Classy guy.

"Bonnie B 2" is a modified Great Planes 1/5 scale kit which he changed from a D model to a B model. It's powered by a DA50cc gas engine and weighs 24 pounds. When asked how she handles, he responded that she "flys like a Mustang".

About the Warbirds 2012 event, John adds: "I would like to thank all who attended the fly-in. It was a great turn out and should be better next year. I would also like to thank Gary Croucher for all his help at the event and Paul and Debbie Starks for the great food they served."

Nice Warbirds

Saturday's flock of Warbirds ready for the melee.


Judges making the rounds.

Pilots Under Awning

Warbirds pilots gather under the awning at Agate Field.

Warbirds CD John Gaines presents Awards to the pilots

The following participants received awards:

Trophy Cup
Cliff Sands
Cliff Sands
Best of Show (Super Cub)
1st place Civil (Super Cub)
3rd place Experimental (Gere)
Trophy Cup
Martin Sherman
Martin Sherman
1st place WWI (Sommer)
Alan Littlewood
Alan Littlewood
1st place WWII (Spitfire)
Clarke Wolfe
Clarke Wolfe
1st place Others (Cessna 152)
Rick Lindsey
Rick Lindsey
2nd place WWI (Fokker D7)
2nd place WWII (Thunderbolt)
Richard Schwegerl
Richard Schwegerl
2nd place Civil (DC-3)
3rd Place WWII (P-51)
Gary Neal
Gary Neal
2nd place Others (Jet fighter)
Larry Maerz
Larry Maerz
3rd place WWI (Nieuport 28)
Bob Campbell
Bob Campbell
3rd place Civil (Cessna 310 twin)