Warbirds 2011 in Medford, Oregon

May the 14th dawned bright and sunny somewhere in Southern Mongolia but most definitely NOT in Medford, Oregon! The rain that had been predicted for Saturday held off and allowed a full day of flying. Even though the skies were very dark, the intrepid Warbirds pilots managed to have a good time. The event was well attended by visiting pilots from out of town as well. Cliff Sands took "Best of Show" with his Sopwith Pup while Richard Schwegerl won three awards for his P-38, Corsair and DC-3.


Bob Campbell with his stunningly crafted P-38 Lightning.


Richard Schwegerl and Clark Wolf running up the engines of Richard's realistically finished P-38 Lightning. This airplane won 1st in WW II. Richard reports it is an ARF by Condor.


Cliff Sands stands with his impressive Sopwith Pup.

Cliff's masterpiece is a Balsa USA kit with a gear reduction engine to swing an enormous prop about 4800 rpm.


Larry Maerz proudly holds his award winning Nieuport 28, a WWI French fighter. That really is the way it is spelled!

Larry's plane was built by Bob McClain and sports a good old Martin Sherman converted 30cc gas engine.


Fred Sargent and Larry Myers assist Martin Sherman with his Ugly Stik.

Martin's Ugly Stik has a 106" wingspan and is powered by a 111cc DLE gas twin cylinder engine.

Look for this in August's Airshow.
Martin will drop a Flying MAN from this at altitude!


Richard Schwegerl holds back his beautifully appointed PT-19 while the engine warms up.


The lineup before the storm.

Left-front is Martin Sherman's recognizable Stearman with it's awesome 215cc five-cylinder radial engine.

Warbirds CD John Gaines presents Awards to the fliers

The following Rogue Eagles members were among the award recipients:

Cliff Sands
Cliff Sands on the left
receiving Best of Show.
Cliff also won 1st Place in WWI
Bruce Harlow
Bruce Harlow on the left
receiving 2nd Place in WWI
Martin Sherman
Martin Sherman on the left
receiving 3rd Place in WWI
Richard Schwegerl
Richard Schwegerl on the left
receiving 1st Place in WWII
Larry Myers
Larry Myers on the left
receiving 3rd Place in WWII
Gus Phillips
Gus Phillips on the left
receiving 2nd Place in Peace Time
Larry Cogdell
Larry Cogdell on the left
receiving 3rd Place in Peace Time