The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Vintage R/C SocietyAugust 29 - 30, 2014, at Agate Skyways, Oregon

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VR/CS stands for Vintage Radio Control Society and is a national group that encourages and supports the building and flying of R/C planes that were kitted or designed at least 35 years ago. The actual model does not have to be that old, but some of them came close! One of the things that is amazing is the number and variety and QUALITY of the models that appear at these events. From 42 year old NATS veterans to freshly built "stored in the rafters for a long time" pattern kits, the modelers you see here had them all.

  • Standing (L-R):
  • Forrest Waller Jr.
  • Forrest Waller Sr. (Lakeview)
  • Bob Stamm
  • Jim Lueken (Simi Valley, CA)
  • Les Simmons
  • Jess Walls (Eureka, CA)
  • Ron Kelso
  • Chuck Bower (our AMA VP, Whidbey Island, WA)
  • Jason Snyder
  • Cliff Sands
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Dave Shrum (Roseburg)
  • Bill Mix (Roseburg)
  • Kneeling (L-R):
  • Rod Elledge
  • Howie Simmons
  • Bruce Tharpe (CD)
  • Richard Pekarek
  • John Gaines
  • Not Pictured:
  • Rick Lindsey
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Rich Hume
  • and several others

Photo was taken on second day of event. There were about eight more pilots that only came out for the first day.

  • The oppressively hot weather and smoke from regional forest fires cleared beautifully to give us calm winds and blue skies to enjoy. Left: Jim Lueken from Simi Valley, CA brought his gorgeous Top Flite Taurus powered by a strong OS AX .55. It flies as good as it looks. Jim was presented with the Vintage Spirit Award at the end of the event. Right: Jim and his Taurus with matching Candys held by their owners John Gaines and Bruce Tharpe. These designs were state-of-the-art pattern ships from the early 1960s.

When John Gaines is not CD'ing multiple events for the Rogue Eagles he is building kits for himself and other people, usually two at a time. This is a snazzy vintage sport El Gringito, 60" wingspan, powered by an OS .46. John built it from RCM plans and a short kit from Lazer Works.

John Gaines frames them up and Ron Kelso covers and finishes them. These two guys should go into business together! Here is Ron holding his El Gringito and his "Harold Hayes Special" given to him by, of course, Harold Hayes.

Harold Hayes attended our meet today. It turns out that he used to design planes for a little company in Southern California by the name of North American Aviation.

Jess Walls came up from Eureka, CA with his Oly II sailplane. In the early 1970s, Jess set a slope duration record with this model, and it's still flying well today. He launched the model with a hi-start. Jess says he'll be back next year!

Bob Stamm, 81 years young, cradling a nifty DeBolt "Live-Wire" Champ powered by a vintage OS .19. Bob organized our local VR/CS chapter and was CD for the original event in 2010. This Pappy DeBolt design dates back to 1954.

Forrest Waller and his son brought a whole herd of vintage planes from Lakeview. The biplane on the left is a Pica Waco, Forrest junior is holding a Guillows stick & tissue DR-1, Forrest senior is holding a pattern plane known as the Conquest and is standing behind a large DR-1 triplane. The blue and yellow bipe is a Stearman built from a Sterling kit.

The bird Calvin Emigh is holding is a Hornet with a .051 Tee Dee engine for power. No throttle, so this one flies till the tank is empty. Not shown here is Calvin's Dirty Birdy which is a very sleek pattern bird.

  • Our illustrious CD, Bruce Tharpe, is here holding a Super Pacer with an OS .25F for power. Ace R/C kitted the Super Pacer in 1975, but this particular model was scratch built from plans. Bruce says that of the vintage planes he has built, this is his favorite. The covering is a wonder to behold as Bruce is easily one of the most accomplished Monokote artists in our club. The running legs were hand cut out of Monokote. Model won the Pilots Choice Award.

  • Forrest Waller (son) flies the Stearman. This is a good example of a scale model that is VR/CS eligible. It has nothing to do with the scale subject - not all Stearman models qualify for VR/CS. What determines eligibility is the date of the model design. This was built from a Sterling kit which dates back to the 1960s. More modern kit and ARF designs like those from Balsa USA and Great Planes do not qualify.

  • John Gaines' El Gringito pocket ROCKET. It was tough to find this speedster in the old viewfinder!

  • The Harold Hayes Special glides in for a landing. Model was flown until its Cox .051 ran out of fuel.

  • Jason Snyder's Sun-Fli IV looks a lot like a Kaos and flies like one too. That's because both were designed by legendary modeler Joe Bridi. The Sun Fli series goes back to the late 1960s, while the Kaos series began in 1970. Jason has a VECO .61 for power and flies this bird with abandon.

  • Brian Wilson literally found this model in a barn shortly before the event. Looks like a Pietenpol Aircamper, and chances are good it is more than 35 years old! Brian intends to re-furbish the model - hope to see it flying next year.

  • Forrest Waller brought this well-flown 1/6-scale Waco YMF-3 built from a Pica Kit. Not sure how old this particular model is, but plans for the Pica kit, designed by Joe Hancock and drawn by Dave Platt, date back to 1964.

  • This triplane model has quite a history. Forrest Waller says his dad started building it 42 years ago in Panama. It's powered by an OS 1.60 twin-cylinder four-stroke, and sounds great in the air. Forrest says it has flown at Top Gun.

  • Here's a unique vintage model, a Comanche built from a kit produced by Hot Line Models of Amarillo, TX. Jason Snyder brought it out, but didn't fly because he thought the un-muffled engine might be too loud. Sleek!