The Fourth Annual Meeting of the Vintage R/C SocietyAugust 30 - 31, 2013, at Agate Skyways, Oregon

Vintage Radio Control Society owned Agate Skyways Friday and Saturday and did not disappoint with 26 registered flyers taking to the air. The VR/CS event is a fun-fly for model airplanes kitted or designed at least 35 years ago. The actual model does not have to be that old, but some of them came close! It was amazing how many pilots were able to dust off and bring down from the attic so many flyable ancient planes. What was even more exciting was the fact that virtually all of the models flew and seemed to be expertly controlled despite their advanced years.


Thanks must go to our illustrious CD, Mr. Bruce Tharpe, for creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where we all felt welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the flying.

We are also proud to announce that Bruce is the brand new editor of our Rogue Eagle newsletter!


A very popular type of model airplane 35 years ago was known as a Pattern ship. These planes typically were fast and sleek and generally had a somewhat long fuselage which contributed to their outstanding smoothness when doing manuvers. Here we see Dave Bartholomew's Dirty Birdy which was one of the finest of all Pattern ships and has recently been ARF'ed by Great Planes. Notice that it has mechanical retracts.

CliffMysteryShip.jpg CliffsNavyPlane.jpg

Cliff Sands brought this hotrod pattern ship that he thinks dates back to the mid-70s. It's a mystery plane that he acquired years ago from some forgotten source. It looks a little like a Kaos pattern plane but the exact lineage is unknown.

If you can name the plane, let Cliff know! Winner gets free registration at next year's VR/CS event!

Mystery Solved!...thanks to a little detective work by Bruce Tharpe! Bruce started by posting a name-the-plane thread on RC Universe where it was quickly identified as a Cutlass. A little more research revealed that it is a refined version of the Cutlass known as the Cutlass Supreme.

The Cutlass Supreme was designed in the early 1970s by Don Coleman (no relation to Rogue Eagles Don or Steve Coleman). It must have been a popular model in its day – it was produced as a kit by two companies.

Here is Cliff's Navy-themed Cutlass Supreme on a landing approach.


Dennis White built this .60-size Kaos from a kit and flew it fast and well. This model is about two years old, but the Kaos design by Joe Bridi was originally published in RC Modeler in 1970. (Joe Bridi also designed the Dirty Birdy a few years later.) Dennis used a remarkable epoxy paint called Klass Kote on the fuse and Monokote on the wings. An OS .65 AX is called upon for power and lots of it.


Pattern planes were very popular in the past and that is maybe why so many showed up this weekend.


Bruce Tharpe and his Father both love vintage planes and are shown here together sporting their favorites. Bruce is holding a "Candy" another Pattern plane designed by Cliff Weirick in 1963 and dad has a "Digester".


Glenn Fraser made the trip both days from Williams Oregon to show off and fly his beautiful Eindecker and Giant Big Stik.


Gary Neal with his "Trainer Master" built from a kit in 1968 (LONG before ARF's were available) using a Tower .46 for power. Gary has been the owner of this plane for 8 years.


Notice the VR/CS logo on the tail.


Our illustrious President, Mr. Jay Strickland with a very yellow Cub that was very aerobatic!


John Gaines won the "Vintage Spirit" award for best vintage flying and building. He came loaded for bear with several planes. Here is his scratch-built special "El Gringito" which he built especially for this event. With retracts and a snarling OS .46 for power, this model was fast and smooth in the air.


Here is the man himself with his electric-powered old timer, a Buccaneer. To qualify for the VR/CS event, only the model design has to date back at least 35 years. You can use modern engines and radios, convert to electric, even scale the model up or down.


The name "Old-One" on the wing is Ron Kelso's pet name for his new El Gringito. John Gaines actually framed up both of the new El Gringito models, one for himself and one for Ron. Each member applied their own finish. Ron did a spectacular job with his, covering the model with Monokote, applying home-made graphics, then spraying it with flat Lusterkote for an old-timey look. The pilots liked this model so much it won the coveted "Pilots Choice" award consisting of a plaque and a $25 gift certificate for Al's Hobbies.


With the theory that "More is Better", Rick Lindsey is here with his 1.60 OS fire-breathing Super Giant Kaos from a kit by Blue Jay. Rick reports that it goes through a lot of nitro fuel.

While Rick wasn't breathing nitro fumes, he was busily taking notes and shooting these photos so we could share this nostalgic event with everyone who enjoys vintage flying machines.


Martin Sherman brought two birds to this meet. One was a very well built Astro Hog that he rescued from a trash barrel years ago.


Martin Sherman's second plane was the show stopper. What appears to be a design Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of is a 1913 Etrich Taube 90. This Taube (German for dove) was also rescued from a trash barrel by Martin and the ancient design proved to be a beautiful flying machine. It's 83-1/2 inch wingspan carried the pre WWI observation bird gracefully across the sky above Agate Field.

  • Taube1.jpg


  • Taube5.jpg


  • Taube3.jpg


  • Taube6.jpg



Here is Dan Dirksen with a nice Top-Flite Contender sporting a 55" wingspan with a large center flap. This model was designed in the early 70s by famous scale modeler, Dave Platt. The all-silver sport ship was powered by an OS 46 AX. You can tell Dan was enjoying himself.

Here are two examples of models that do not qualify for the VR/CS event. Jerry Rainforth bought his beautiful Albatross and Hughes H-1 ARFs from Maxford USA. Even though the scale subjects are certainly historic, the models themselves are modern designs that did not exist in the pioneering days of radio control. They were still allowed to fly because they fit the "vibe" of the event.

The whole Friday morning group says hello to Southern Oregon!

  • Kneeling L to R:
  • Martin Sherman
  • Bruce Tharpe (Quickie)
  • Gary Neal
  • Standing L to R:
  • Dan Dirksen (Contender)
  • Rod Graham (Aeronca C-3)
  • Rick Lindsey (Kaos 40)
  • Dave Bartholomew
  • Dennis White (Kaos)
  • Ron Kelso (El Gringito)
  • Cliff Sands (Mystery Pattern Ship)
  • Glenn Fraser
  • Jay Strickland
  • John Gaines (El Gringito)
  • Jerry Rainsforth (Hughes H-1 Racer)
  • Not pictured:
  • Bob Stamm
  • Les Simmons
  • Rod Elledge
  • Chuck Ammerman
  • Guy Laine
  • John Parks
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Howie Simmons
  • Vic Smith
  • Ben Musolf
  • Bob Campbell
  • and Bruce Tharpe, Sr.

Look for the 2014 schedule to appear in a few months on this web-site's EVENTS CALENDAR and start planning now for next year's VR/CS fly-in. We expect this event to continue growing!