Vintage Radio Control Society at Agate Skyways, Oregon

If "OLDIE-GOLDIE" is your thing, then the September 3 - 4, 2011, edition of the VR/CS (better known as the Vintage Radio Control Society) had to figure into your Labor Day weekend plans. This is an organization founded in 1989 dedicated to encouraging the formation of Chapters to help develop vintage R/C activity on a local, regional, and international level. The only requirement is that your model airplane must have been kitted, plans published, or flown 35 years ago or earlier as of January 1st of the current year. A fairly comprehensive list of acceptable models is available at the VR/CS website...   What this means in practical terms is that fliers should not throw away those really old planes as there is a place for them at a VR/CS meet!

This year's edition saw twelve to fifteen fliers arrive on Saturday to take to the air with their old-time models with six continuing the festivities on Sunday.

VRCS 2011 Attendees

The VR/CS Aficionados!

  • Standing (L to R)
  • Clark Wolf
  • Bob Stamm
  • Gary Croucher
  • Guy Laine
  • Gary Neal
  • John Gaines
  • Rod Eldridge
  • Dennis Richey
  • Kneeling (L to R)
  • Bruce Tharpe, Jr.
  • Richard Schwegerl - CD
  • Bruce Tharpe, Sr.
  • Ben Musolf
  • Not pictured
  • Brandy Davis
  • Randy Dodge
  • David Dow
Clark Wolf's Spook

This is Clark Wolf's 90 inch "Spook" kitted approximately 1938. Clark reported that the completed model was slated for the trash heap but was rescued 3 years ago. It has rudder and elevator only, is a slow flyer that tends to lose altitude in turns.

Digester by Bruce Tharpe Sr.

Bruce Tharpe Sr. proudly shows off his "Digester" designed by Don Mathis in 1964. The funny name is not describing a gastro-intestinal process, but is rather a contraction of Digicon and Tester. This bird has a 72" wingspan that provides 1000 square inches of lift. Bruce built it from plans, added a servo for the tail wheel, and flies it with a 65 OS LA. This venerable pilot flies young and while we are not at liberty to divulge his age exactly, one only needs to note that his 'wingspan' is the same as his airplane.

Bruce Tharpe Sr's Shirt

Vintage airplanes require vintage dress. Check out the original Prop Twisters logo on Bruce's shirt.

Bruce Tharpe's Esquire

This is a 1950's Esquire built by Bruce Tharpe and powered by an OS .20 4-stroke. Originally kitted by Midwest, Bruce was able to fabricate the model from plans and did a beautiful job. Despite his youthful appearance, Bruce has had some experience with kit building, which is kind of like saying that Chuck Yeager has had some experience flying airplanes.


This is a lucky shot where Bruce's Esquire was actually in the frame of the photo. It is a beautiful bird.

Bob Stamm with his little Rascal

The "Little Rascal" built and flown by Bob Stamm. This is a Sig kit with a 36 inch wingspan circa 1960. Bob has set it up to fly with rudder and elevator using a .061 AP which is similar to the modern day Norvell.

Rascal Plans

"Little Rascal" plans.

This is what passed for "instructions" back in the day. No step-by-step sequence or explanations are given. It helped to have a certain mindset... that is to say "dogged determination". If you look carefully, the plans are labeled "TopFlite"... that is because the lineage is a bit confused.