"Rally of Giants" at Agate Skyways; June 27 - 30, 2013

Each year the IMAA (International Miniature Aircraft Association) chooses one special RC club to host and administer their showcase event of the year. The "Rally", as it has come to be known, is an event open only to large models in the 80" wingspan or greater category and draws large plane enthusiasts from far and wide. This year that honor was awarded to the Rogue Eagles of Southern Oregon. Not only was this the biggest event our club had every put on but it was also the first time the Rally was held in the State of Oregon. Needless to say, the Eagles were delighted to be picked.

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A National gathering like this requires extensive preparations. We were very lucky to have Cliff Sands step forward as our CD. Cliff already had extensive national experience as a CD and was just the man to guide our efforts.

Cliff Sands and his wife, Bonniephoto by: Pat Dunlap
Cliff & Bonnie Sands

The following photos were taken by Taylor Collins (except as noted),
photographer for the IMAA's "HighFlight" magazine.

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  • Spectator Seats


    Spectator seats at Agate Field; Vendor's Row behind them.

  • Administration Canopyphoto by: Pat Dunlap


    The administration canopy.

  • Planes Parked in Grass


    Yard birds.

  • Planes Parked on Pad


    Birds on pad.

  • Blue and White Cessna 310 Blue and White Cessna 310

    IMG_6795.JPG and IMG_6781.JPG

    The easily recognized blue and white Cessna 310 belonging to ace pilot Bob Campbell visiting from Yoncalla, OR.

  • Bruce Tharpe's Flyin' King

    _Tharpe-FLyin' King.JPG

    Bruce Tharpe's Super Flyin' King on a slow fly-by. Note flaps are deployed about halfway. This is the prototype for the kit that Bruce still manufactures. It's about 15-years old and still going strong.

  • Bruce Tharpe's Flyin' King Dead Stick


    The Super Flyin' King weighs 36 pounds, spans 11 feet, and is powered by a 3W-75. Here it is coming in for a dead stick landing.

  • Curtiss Robin


    Martin Sherman's kit bashed giant Telemaster turned Curtiss Robin. This clever conversion was built by Mort Sullivan and Martin Sherman. With a twelve-foot wingspan and ultra-brite color scheme, visibility in flight is not an issue.

  • Curtiss Robin 7 cylinder Evolution Radial Engine


    A close-up of the 7-cylinder Evolution radial on the nose of the Robin. Sweet music.

  • Joseph Salus starting engine World Models 1/3 scale Super Cub and Mt. McLaughlin

    _71.JPG and _71C.JPG

    Joseph Salus from Gales Creek, OR., winding up his World Models 1/3 scale Super Cub.

  • Cub on Approach


  • Mort Sullivan


    Mort Sullivan from Ashland, OR. with his customized 4 Star 120.

  • Cub on Approach Cub Landing

    IMG_6750.JPG and DSC_3505.JPG

    A 1/3 scale J3 Cub being piloted by Larry Maerz of Eagle Point, OR.

  • Closeup of Cub's Pilot Figure


  • Mike Mosbrooker


    AMA District 11 Vice-President Mike Mosbrooker.

  • Frank Fels Holding Tail of RV-4 Ken Shapiro's RV-4 in the Air

    IMG_6736.JPG and IMG_6745.JPG

    IMAA President Frank Fels holds the tail of District 10 Director Ken Shapiro's Great Planes RV-4.

  • Denny Baker restraining his Sig Rascal Sig Rascal flown by Rick Maida

    _RickMaida.JPG and IMG_6681.JPG

    Denny Baker, from San Jose, CA holds back his Sig Rascal prior to take-off. His buddy, Rick Maida, from San Jose, CA, flew the Rascal a LOT through the weekend!

  • DSC_1026email.jpg

    Flying with the pelicans.

  • Sig Rascal on Approach


  • Sig Rascal Dead Stick


    Denny Baker's Sig Rascal glides in for a dead stick landing under the skillful control of Rick Maida.

  • Yummie's Cowboy Cusine Catering Service


    The Saturday evening banquet was catered by Yummie's Cowboy Cuisine. Excellent chow and nobody went away hungry!

  • Talking During Lunch


    IMAA President Frank Fels (left) & District 5 Director Andy Bowen (right) having a strategy session.

  • Great Planes Staggerwing Beech Flying

    IMG_6683.JPG and DSC_3615.JPG

    Great Planes Staggerwing Beech piloted by Mike West of Sunnyvale, CA.

  • P-47 Thunderboltphoto by: Pat Dunlap


    P-47 Thunderbolt, razorback version, by Dan Gillner of Klamath Falls.

  • P-47 Thunderbolt


  • DeHavilland Tiger Moth


    A DeHavilland Tiger Moth being flown by Greg Meyers of Springfield, OR.

  • Howard 'Mr. Mulligan' 1930's Racer Landing

    IMG_6802.JPG and _DIN6827.JPG

    The classic Howard "Mr. Mulligan", DGA 30's era racer. Pilot is Jay Walker from Arcata, CA.

  • Fairchild PT-19 flown by Joseph Salus


    Fairchild PT-19 flown by Joseph Salus.

  • Corey Myers Holding Tail of Yak 54


    Corey Myers holding Glen Spalding's YAK 54. Glen is with 42% Products and was one of our vendors.

  • Steve Coleman Flying 40% Extra 300SC


    Chief Aircraft 3D Custom pilot Steve Coleman from Central Point, OR, flying a 40% Extra 300SC.

  • IMAA Board Meeting with 9 of 12 Directors


    IMAA Board Meeting - 9 of the 12 Directors were present from all over the country.

The following photos were taken by Pat Dunlap (except as noted).

  • Pete Melin's 'Flying Dragon' Trailer


    This amazing trailer belongs to District 11 Director Pete Melin, from Salem, OR. It has a complete cartoon story as you walk around the trailer.

  • IMG_6593.JPG

    IMAA Secretary and home District 11 Director Pete Melin (left), and IMAA Vice President and Canadian District 12 Director Brian Wattie (right), taking it easy in the shade.

  • Hangar


    This hangar was donated to the Rogue Eagles club by Lifetime member Martin Sherman.

  • Unfinished Plane


    Under construction. Craftsman at work!

  • Planes Parked on the Grass


    Hot Warbirds trying to keep the electronics cool.

  • Planes Parked on the Pad


    Airplanes spanning 75 years of flight share the pad.

  • Gee Bee Sportster and Gilmore Lion Racers


    Two Golden Era racers... a model of the Granville Brothers Gee Bee Sportster, and a Gilmore Lion.

  • Rick Lindsey's Fly Baby


    Rick Lindsey's Pete Bowers designed Fly Baby biplane.

  • Beautiful White Fokker DR-1 Triplane


    A beautiful Fokker DR-1 Triplane.

  • Registration Table


    Rick Lindsey and Rich Hume staff the registration table.

  • Old Friends Chat by Admin Canopy


    L to R: Ed Martin, Bud Shirley, Denny Baker, Rick Maida, Barbara Baker and Cliff chatting outside the admin canopy.

    from Cliff: Rick Maida is an old and dear friend who I giant-scale raced with since 1992 - Denny and Barbara Baker were the promoters of giant-scale races that I CD'd.

  • Friends Chat in Admin Canopy


    More admin area with raffle plane, a Curtiss Jenny, hanging in the background.

  • Bob Campbell,  John Parks,  and Larry Myers


    3 super guys - L to R: Bob Campbell, John Parks, and Larry Myers. Bob conducted inspections while John and Larry ran the flight line. These guys were part of the hard-working crew that made the event run smoothly.

  • Corey Myers


    Corey Myers - The third member of the flight line team and a great kid who helped wherever needed. We learned from Aunt Patty and Uncle Larry that nephew Corey turns 17 in August! Happy Birthday, Corey!

  • Mike Mosbrooker preps his Spacewalker


    IMAA President Frank Fels stands by, while AMA Vice-President Mike Mosbrooker gets ready to start the engine on his Spacewalker.

  • Starting the Spacewalker's Engine


    IMAA officers get to FINALLY have some fun.

  • Pilot and Spotter Flying Spacewalker


    Frank Fels (right) acts as spotter for Mike Mosbrooker (left).

  • Spacewalker on Approach

    IMG_6776.JPG and DSC_3578.JPG

    Mike Mosbrooker's modified Sig Spacewalker on final.

  • P-51 Mustang on Approach, Only One Wheel Down P-51 About to Land with One Wheel

    DSC_3562.JPG and DSC_3565.JPG

    A P-51 Musting on its final approach with only one wheel down.

  • P-51 Crash Landing


    Great shot of failed retract landing.

  • Intense Concentration on Pilot's Face


    Intense concentration.

  • Starting Thunderbolt's Engine


    Safely starting up the Thunderbolt's engine.

  • Taylor Collins and Rick Maida


    Taylor Collins with the camera in this hands and Rick Maida holding the transmitter and looking skyward.

  • Facet 2300 Ready To Roll


    A Facet 2300 turbo being flown by Steve Woodward from Danville, CA.

  • Facet 2300 Taking Off


  • Facet 2300 Banking


  • 4 Pilots and Spotters


    L to R: Alan Littlewood, John Parks and Cal Emigh. Calvin Emigh gets some stick time, John Parks spotting.

  • Extra 260 Flown by Chris Christopher


    Chris Christopher from Hood River, OR., flying an Extra 260 powered by a DA 100.

  • Alan Littlewood's Pitts Special


    Alan Littlewood's nice Pitts Special.

  • Pilot and Spotter


    Flying safely with the aid of a trusted spotter.

  • Rogue Eagles Club President Jay Strickland and Corey Myers


    Club president Jay Strickland takes a break from his announcer duties to guide his model through another successful flight. Spotter Corey Meyers wonders "Just how big is this plane's fuel tank anyway?" Either that or he's pondering how a goatee would feel when he can grow one!

  • Inside Pete Melin's Dragon Trailer


    The interior of Pete Melin's trailer. There are at least thirteen airplanes in there... all ready to fly!

Participants of the Rally of Giants event are encouraged to contact the Rogue Eagles webmaster to request corrections or offer new information about any of these photos, or contribute new photos! Thanks!