Potluck, Fun-Fly, Swap Meet at Agate Field; May 9, 2015

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Our annual invitational Potluck, Fun-Fly & Swap Meet with guests Keno Flightmasters!

Actually, it was a Fun Fly, Swap Meet, Pot Luck, Gab Fest, Perfect Weather - Blast! Rich DeMartini CD'ed a near perfect event with his able helper Doug McKee. These two made sure the burgers were cooked, the sodas were cold and the coffee was hot. I won't even mention the clean-up afterwards. Thanks go to both of you for a job well done.

The Keno club was represented by three flyers, two wives and lots of smiles.
Al even sold three planes and a few engines at great prices.

  • Left-to-Right:
  • Coy Dhroman
  • Bill Young
  • Kathy Young
  • Marge Burman
  • Al Burman

Speaking of smiles… who has the biggest?

We definitely had a full airport as all of the airplane stands were being used by upwards of forty flyers.

There were more planes of every description than one could count!

In no particular order...

We are looking forward to traveling up to the Keno Flightmasters airport in Sportsmans Park later this year. Bring an airplane with big wings and big wheels because you will be flying off of luscious mowed grass at 4,500 feet. If you have never been there you should give it a try, we love it!