Potluck Fun-Fly at Agate Field; May 3, 2014

This get together proves that the Rogue-Eagles can have fun anytime there is food involved! As many of you already know, we have no runway at this time - just 400 feet of ground up asphalt. Today, we had some determined pilots who managed to fly in spite of the obvious lack of a smooth landing strip. As has become an annual tradition, we were joined by our sister club, the Keno Flightmasters. They always brighten up our yearly potluck with their great attitudes and ready smiles. It is a pleasure to share their company again this year.

The Keno gang... L to R standing: Bill Young, Sam Fields, Al Burman and Marge Burman. Sitting: Christie Flowers and Kathy Young.

This is Bud Shirley, a very long standing Rogue Eagle of many years, with his great granddaughter, Sarah.

  • Ray Wasson and his son, Ray Wasson Jr, are here getting ready to fly their "Dunno". These experienced pilots made flying off the apron of the missing runway look easy.

  • Their plane looks great in the air. It took off and landed with no drama whatsoever.

  • This looks like a scene from Mt. Rushmore but it is actually Calvin Emigh, Pat Dunlap and Larry Cogdell. Our good friend, Larry, flies with his mouth ajar exactly like so many other experts when they are concentrating.

  • The most talented experts often chew their tongue. Larry also managed the awful takeoff and landing conditions with nary a problem.

  • Lost amongst the clouds... Larry's Texan.

  • Texan looking for a good, smooth place to land.

Mr. Laid-Back strikes again! Jerry Stinson makes it look easy as he calmly lands his bird amidst the rubble of the erstwhile runway.

  • Clark Wolf certainly had the biggest spread of goodies and looks to be doing a very brisk business!

  • The early bird got the Corsair! The gentleman in the middle scored a giant scale Corsair for a pittance just because he was in the right place at the right time! Rumor has it that he paid $50.

  • Jay volunteered to do the shopping and prepared the fixings for some wonderful burgers and dogs. However, we owe Jay's wife an enormous debt of gratitude, for she is the person behind the scenes who actually does the lion's share of the prep work and shopping.

  • We wish to thank Jay for once again stepping up to be the main man at the grill. When asked the question, "Why do you do it?" Jay muttered something about the snazzy hat he gets to wear when he cooks.

  • Larry Masten wins the "best Mustache / hat combination" and will get his Styrofoam cup prize at the next club meeting.

  • Bruce Tharpe's blue van is almost edging out Rick Lindsey's white van as ugliest thing on four wheels. We are all pulling for you, Bruce.