Potluck Fun-Fly at Agate Field; May 27, 2012

The combination of great food and model airplanes is a hard act to upstage and that is exactly what we had for our 2th annual shared potluck and fly-in with the FlightMasters. Add to that wonderful weather and very light winds and you have a fine day at Agate Field.

EddieWithCake-290w.jpg Cake-160.jpg

If I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake! Eddie Huddleston from the Klamath Falls FlightMasters RC Club brought a special cake to commemorate this year's Potluck.

A contingent from our sister club in Klamath Falls attends our Potluck every year.


This year's guests from left-to-right: Eddie Huddleston, Eric Schreiner, Daryl Haney, Don Draskovich, Coy Drohman, Bill Young, Kathy Young, Tyger Miller, Dodge Miller and Ty Miller.

There is a good set of vibes when we get together with lots of smiles and renewed friendships. We look forward to seeing these fine folks again when we go up to their Potluck in Keno, September 15th.


Of course our illustrious President Mr. Jay Strickland showed up with his beautiful Ultimate. He flies that thing like "it is rented" and always puts on a good show.

RodsVentureWarbird-466w.jpg HowieWithRodVenture-466w.jpg

Rod Elledge and his versatile Venture.

In the lower right photo, we see Howie Simmons taking Rod Elledge's Venture to the flight line.

This Venture will eventually see time on the water as a float plane. Until then, it flies with the greatest of ease from land.


John Parks and Martin Sherman with John's Super Sportster.

There was food aplenty for the 33 participants and with Debbie and Paul doing the hamburger duties everyone got their fill and then some.


From all of the gang, thanks to everyone for a wonderful Southern Oregon day of flying and especially eating!

Next year this event will be scheduled for a Saturday after a Pylon Race and we hope anyone with an appetite and an airplane will join us.

-- Rick Lindsey