Potluck Fun-Fly at Agate Field; May 4, 2013

The Annual Potluck, Fly-In, Swap Meet and Keno FlightMasters Invitational of 2013

The Rogue Eagles hold this event every year in late April or early May with fingers crossed hoping for some good flying weather. This year, Mother-Nature doused us with very pleasant temperatures and perfect blue skies and winds that could only be described as "Devilish". Some hardy souls dared to brave the unpredictable gusts and flew anyway. Taking off and landing in the opposite direction than normal was a must. The general mode of landing was a sort of half power on crab/slip and then hope it does not blow over after landing. In fact, several planes DID blow off the concrete stands during lunch due to the contrary, cantankerous and continuous winds. Below are some of the bravest flyers in the land!


Left to right: Cliff Sands, Martin Sherman and Dale McCuistion.

Running up Cliff's 115mph "Double Trouble"!

PotLuck2013-002 PotLuck2013-013 PotLuck2013-015

Martin Sherman's Astro-Hog. Notice the wind sock and the direction of the plane.


The visiting Keno FlightMasters from left to right: Coy Drohman, Bill Young, Elliot Fulton, Christy Flowers, Don Draskovich and Bob Flowers. Their club will host the Rogue-Eagles September 14th at their fine field at Sportsmans Park outside Keno. Mark that date on your calendar!


The "Last Flight" of a trusted bird. Larry Myers' noble Cub succumbed to elevator servo failure and did not survive.


Alan Littlewood shows his courage by flying his Dynaflite Chipmunk in the wind. Check out the trees in the background.


Fred Sargent braves the wind with his Ultimate Bipe.


This is what was passing for a gentle turn in today's windy conditions!


Clark Wolfe's Goldberg Sukoi sporting a nasty YS120AC swinging a 17X6 prop. This is a large 1/4 scale plane built from a KIT! The trees in the background tell the story.


The FlightMasters came down from the mountain ready to FLY! This is Don Draskovich's EDGE 540 being flown by Bill Young.

Thanks must go to Jay Strickland and especially his wife in preparing the wonderful hamburgers with all of the fixings. Jay did the cooking honors and all of us appreciate their hard work.