PotLuck with FlightMasters 2011 in Medford, Oregon

May 28, 2011, was supposed to be a total write-off as far as the weather man was concerned. The prediction was for just about every form of nasty weather just short of roving glaciers! Even though the FlightMasters from Keno were invited "Rain or Shine" (and it looked like more rain than shine) it was gratifying that a full complement of flyers from their club traveled over the hill and through the snow to show up at Agate Skyways with their planes ready to rock and roll.

It is not unusual for Agate Field to have nice weather when the rest of the valley is being clobbered and today was such a day! The clouds parted at about 11:00am and we proceeded to fly like there was no tomorrow! Literally, rain all around us but we enjoyed sun and puffy white clouds. It was like we were in an oasis of R/C heaven.

Al from Keno

OK... OK... maybe "puffy white clouds" was a bit of an exaggeration.

This is Al from Keno with a happy, SUNNY smile and his beautiful plane. Note that Snoopy seems to be enjoying pilot duties.

Debbie and Paul Stark

This looks like Paul Starks is trying to offer cooking advice to Debbie Starks, his very capable wife. Actually, the cameraman asked him to give her a kiss for posterity and mistimed the click. Believe me, it appeared to be a very adequate kiss. (AHEM)

The food was fantasic as always and cooked fresh on the spot by Debbie. Debbie did report that her favorite part of cooking burgers is slicing onions ... NOT!

Rainbow in the sky

This rainbow reminded all of us that there were forces at work above us and we were lucky to be enjoying localized good weather. This phenomenon lasted about 45 minutes and the picture does not do it justice. The colors were intense and concentrated in virtually one spot.


The FlightMasters!

  • (left to right...)
  • Eddie Huddleston
  • Rick Barnes
  • Mary Barnes
  • Al Burman
  • Coy Dhroman
  • Bill Young
  • Cathy Young
  • Don Draskovich
  • Mike Harris

Accomplished flyers all! We look forward to the upcoming PotLuck at their field in Keno on June 26, 2011.

The contact person for that event is Ed Huddleston.

The FlightMasters fly out of Keno, Oregon. They have invited the Rogue Eagles to join them at their PotLuck on June 26, 2011. Their field is an amazing place to fly! Hope to see you there.