Platt 1 Float-Fly in Sutherlin, OR; June 19-21, 2015

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The Platt 1 Reservoir is a beautiful venue for a float-fly located five miles East of Sutherlin, Oregon. Shade trees, grassy shores, great scenery, although this year a treacherous wind from behind the pilots made it "challenging" to take-off and land. Despite the wind, everyone had a wonderful time.

By far and away the Medford Rogue Eagles were well represented. Here is part of the fleet that made the drive to Sutherlin.

The boys from Medford brought their go-fast racing Schneiders. As expected, John Parks and Larry Myers wowed the locals with their fearless flying. They are not called racing Schneiders for no reason.

This should be captioned "How to Land A Schneider When the Wind is Howling!"

An assortment of shots from this year's adventure.

Some pilots had unique solutions to old problems. Witness John Gaines' flared floats to overcome a "plowing" tendency his Venture 60 used to have. The altered floats worked and John made a habit of doing perfect take-offs and landings where some other Venture 60 pilots were not so lucky.

  • The local flyers seemed to handle the wind without much of a problem. Here is the Rogue Eagle's own John (upside down) Parks who seemed to be just as comfortable flying upside down as right side up.

A flying boat with servos on top of the wing. A thoughtful solution to water getting to the electronics.

  • No float fly can exist without a boat to rescue planes stranded on the water. These guys did a wonderful job of getting to a wounded bird quickly and safely getting them back to land.

We love Platt 1 and believe it is the Gem of Southern Oregon Float Flying and are eagerly looking forward to next Father's Day when we will do it all over again.