Platt 1 Float-Fly; June 13-15, 2014

The beautiful reservoir near Sutherlin was in perfect shape. The water was up to the edge, the clouds were puffy white decorations in the sky and the pilots were ready to go. Then the wind started howling and the sky turned as dark as I have ever seen it and it took a brave pilot to risk his plane. This was pretty much the story on Friday and Saturday but Sunday was glorious as the landscape below suggests. The pilots who waited till Sunday had a pretty easy time getting off the water with little or no "drama".


Close to 40 flyers showed up for this year's festivities and as usual, the Rogue-Eagles were well represented.

Our own Taylor Dent (inset) won the grand prize in the raffle of a nice Great Planes Spacewalker complete with a monster OS FS-120; the prize being presented in this photo by his son, James — a future Rogue-Eagle, for sure!

  • Schneider on the ground and in the air! Fred Sargent and his son, Fred Jr., prepare one of the fastest planes on floats. This thing sports a very large OS engine that howls!

  • We are all glad to see Coy Drohman on his feet and flying airplanes only 1½ months after open heart surgery.

  • Eldon Myers has been float flying since the days of Adam and Eve and still gives the 'younger' guys a run for their money.

  • The Strangest Plane award goes to this gentleman who shows up every year flying this... er... interesting apparition.

  • These gentlemen are flyers from the Umpqua flying club. This is the club that ran this year's Platt 1 float fly.

The variety of float planes always amazes and is one of the treats one finds at larger gatherings. There did seem to be four major categories. First of course are the cubs of all sizes:

  • The man on the left is Kelvin of KELEO fame with a very large J3 Cub. His friend on the right is Rod Madison flying an identical J3 using a 30cc DLE for power.

Cubs Landing in Stop MotionDrag your mouse across the thumbs to watch the action.(Touch-screen users can click the thumbs.)

  • No.1
  • No.2
  • No.3
  • No.4
  • No.5
  • No.6
  • No.7
  • No.8
  • No.9

Second come the sport planes that fly very well on floats... the Ventures, the Four Stars and even an Astro Hog done up in Navy colors with one float!

Thirdly, the nasty boys... the NorthStars. Delta-wing, Go-Fast, Turn-Left monsters!

There are always some unique birds that fly much better than one would think.

  • This is a model called an "Antic" built by Bob Hoover who hails from Keiser, Oregon. It is a Procter kit with a 72" wingspan that took 6 months to build. Bob is using a Saito 90 four stroke. It currently has 24 flights in the log book and is a remarkable flyer.

Finally, Kudos to the Rogue-Eagles for taking up retrieval boat duties when they saw a need. Here is Larry Myers, one of several Eagles who rescued many downed airplanes instead of waiting. We all appreciate their efforts and they perhaps saved even further damage.