Platt 1 Float-fly; June 14 - 16, 2013

Father's Day is the day float-flyers in Southern Oregon look forward to throughout the year as that is the traditional weekend for Platt 1. Yes, it is a funny name for a pristine reservoir for float-flying model airplanes located just 5 miles East of Sutherlin, but there is no finer venue in Southern Oregon! The grass is green and goes to the water's edge, there are lots of wide open green forests in the background and the folks in Sutherlin make everyone feel welcome.

Platt 1 reservoir

This year's eye popper was a GIANT electric twin owned and piloted by Dennis Lalley out of Corvallis. Dubbed the "Sea Monster", this plane has a wingspan of 121", has two 4130-16 electric motors spinning the props and weighed in at 36 pounds. Built by Dave Rue out of construction grade blue foam sheets carved by hand, covered with card-stock paper and painted with auto-paint, this beauty dropped jaws on the ground and in the air.

Sea Monster With Pilots Sea Monster Takeoff Dennis Lalley & Friend

When Dennis was not flying the Sea Monster he relaxed with some more conventional planes.

Half the fun of attending these events year after year is getting to meet up with old friends of all ages. Everyone seems to pitch in to help. Corey Myers helps launch a Schneider and later a Four Star...

Corry Launching Four Star
Fred Sargent and Daughter

Fred Sargent and his daughter enjoying the sunshine.

Larry & Coy, Ride of Shame

Larry and Coy taking the "Ride of Shame" to bring back a wounded bird.

Rapt Attention

These guys are giving all of their attention to the plane being maidened.

First year at Platt 1 for Rick Nunes who brought along his wife for moral support! Mrs. Nunes got a taste of flying sailboats and may have her husband talked into it?

Rick Nunes, Most Improved Pilot Different Kind Of Flying
Ventures & Pilots

Variety is spice of life and there were airplanes of every type.

These are four very happy Venture pilots.

The boys with the Schneiders had a ball chasing each other all over the sky.

  • Schneider Flying
  • Schneider Flying
  • Schneiders Racing
  • Racingx
  • Schneider Rotating
  • Schneiders
  • Perfect Landing

More eye candy

  • Larry Myers' Cub & Transmitter
  • Bob Campbell's New Bird