Platt 1 Float-Fly in Sutherlin, Oregon; June 16-17, 2012

The annual Float-Fly at Platt 1, just outside of Sutherlin, Oregon, was the venue for over 39 flyers to enjoy what is easily one of the best float fly events in Western-Central Oregon. This is an event that is anticipated by flyers from all over Oregon and, as you can see, the setting is serenely beautiful.


The Rogue Eagles R/C Club out of Medford, Oregon accounted for at least 25% of the total attendance. Most of our pilots brought several planes.

  • Left to Right:
  • Larry Myers
  • Mort Sullivan
  • Ron Kelso
  • Cliff Sands
  • Dave Bartholomew
  • Not pictured:
  • Rick Lindsey
  • Alan Littlewood
  • Corey Myers
  • John Parks
  • Richard Pekarek
  • John Gaines

Cliff Sands brought his large, beautiful Monocoupe.

This was her 4th flight. Three earlier flights at Agate Lake proved the splash rails on the floats and allowed Cliff to adjust the trim slightly.

Platt 1 was a time to enjoy her.

Sometimes he flew by himself...


...and sometimes he had an 'Honor Guard' of curious birds.


Cliff has a flair for unusual planes so we have to appreciate this Astro Hog done up in Navy colors with only ONE pontoon.

The Astro Hog on a single float had a funny beginning. It was born when Cliff decided to put the plane on floats but only had one float of the size needed and one larger one; so he attached the larger one and added the sponsons. "Many changes were made during the first few flights to get it to handle on the water, but now it flys like a dream. Does violent tumbles, inverted, knife edges and spins... the works! Really wild!"


It is a rare occurrence when a flyer can go a whole weekend without needing the services of the "Rescue Crew". Here we see Corey Myers helping bring back a plane in need of some tender loving care.


John Gaines is flying a very fast Venture powered by a Tower .75. This thing was slower than the NorthStars, but not by much!


Elden Myers is a regular at float flys and has some interesting history to go with his 79 years. Mr. Myers started flying in 1975 and has owned and built upwards of 142 airplanes of every conceivable description. From canards to something he refers to as a scimitar to pattern planes, he seems to have tried everything at one time or the other. Among his many claims to fame is that he taught a certain Larry Myers to fly in the mid 70's.

Here he is seen with his sharp looking, one year old, "Somethin' Extra" powered by an O.S. .46 – and already a veteran of many float flights.

Elden currently lives in Creswell and rarely misses a fly-in.


Another regular to the Southern and Central flying scene is Don Harris who is currently flying with the Bay Area R/C Flyers out of Coos Bay.

Here we see Mr. Harris with his 82" Norseman kitted by Unionville Canadian Kits. It is powered by a Saito 100 and comes in at 12 pounds. Don reports that this is a very stable airplane but the kit was 'challenging' to build.