Platt 1 Float-Fly in Sutherlin, Oregon

Platt 1 is a funny name for perhaps the CROWN JEWEL Event in Southern Oregon float-flying. The venue is a pristine reservoir with picnic areas, green green grass to the water's edge, abundant sky and very hospitable people.

Thirty-seven flyers from all over Southern Oregon (and one guy from Portland, too!) signed up for 4 days of float-flying and then the fun began. If you have never flown off of water, it is mostly just like flying off of grass or tarmac with just a few exceptions. First of course is the basic similarity that the water is just as hard as tarmac if you have a mishap. The basic difference is that the runway is most of the lake, there are no problems taking off or landing into the wind, one can even let the airplane decide where the wind is and let her have her way. (Ahem...within reason).

Mort's NorthStar's Rooster Tail

This is Mort Sullivan's highly modified NorthStar making like a hydroplane-boat thing. Notice the wing-tips that were added to create a rooster tail effect. I would say that they are working just fine!

The NorthStar was a very popular airplane at this year's event and Mort's was certainly the most customized. The term "Work of Art" comes to mind. Nice Job, Mort.

Shore line

Many of the flyers who attend this event are long time modelers who use this time to re-establish old friendships that have endured for many years. In fact one of the most endearing features of going year after year is the chance to renew old friendships.

Most of us would be proud to have a lawn like this at our homes! Rod Elledge was even seen walking around with bare feet wiggling his toes in the grass.

Shirely Sargent

Shirley Sargent is of course the wife of Fred Sargent. Both Sargent's are long-ago transplants from Alaska and Shirley definitely seems to appreciate the fine weather we all enjoyed. After one of the many Northstar races, Shirley was heard to be telling Fred that "He needed to get a faster engine despite the money". Fred is a very lucky husband!

NorthStars and Pilots

These things were the showstoppers! Either people wanted to see them fly or else did not want to be in the air at the same time, but in any event the NorthStars ruled the air for short bursts during each of the three days.

Many of these were constructed from Balsa USA kits by Larry Myers and traded or given to the lucky victims you see here. These things are as easy to fly as any RC model assuming you have a personality disorder and are addicted to speed! They are estimated to hit near 100mph in the straights. New pilots report that they are mostly just a blur about 10 feet long the first time they fly one. One soon gets used to the speed and often wants MORE especially when passed by one of one's "friends".

Martin Sherman helping

"Who-ya-gonna-call?" when your engine decides on an early vacation? The flyers in Douglas County seem to know that our own Martin Sherman is the "Go To" guy for a quick tune or repair. Jim is the airplane's owner on the right joined by Larry Myers on the left. The distinguished looking man is of course, Martin.

Jim was able to successfully fly his airplane later that morning and what is more important, successfully LAND his airplane!

Calvin of Keleo Fame

This is a picture of our friend Kelvin Cubbison who owns and runs Keleo Creations a business devoted to specialty items for RC engines. He traveled all the way from Portland to fly his plane and show his latest 'secret project' which is a beautiful fiberglass float plane with a special exhaust ring that he designed and built.