NSRCA Pattern ContestSaturday, September 28, 2013, at Agate Skyways, Oregon

The weatherman served up a regular Southwester gale to greet the NSRCA Pattern contest for 2013. Despite the nasty weather, 11 intrepid pilots from as far away as Portland and 4 local boys answered the call to perform the precise aerobatics that make up a Pattern event.

Art Kelly

The CD for this event is Mr. Art Kelly who must be a top flight salesman indeed to be able to attract this number of flyers to an event that promised such nasty weather.

Pattern competition began many years ago and the planes evolved into a form that even became known as a Pattern type of plane. A long fuselage was the norm with .60 to .75 inch nitro engines and of course retractable landing gear (aka: retracts). Since that time, electrics have become the weapon of choice with powerful motors that provide amazing quiet power. Of the fifteen competitors, all but 3 chose electric power. The planes have changed as well with very streamlined shapes and very light construction.

Form Follows Function
Taking Off

The electric motors provide instant power that makes for effortless take-offs!

Pat Harris

Some planes have even added a new surface just above the cockpit that looks like another stabilizer but which acts to smooth the air over the rudder to allow even more precise control. Here we have Pat Harris with his beautiful ARIXTRA with just such a device.

  • Andy Hackett


    Andy Hackett

  • Jerry Stinson


    Jerry Stinson with a mighty Gasser!

  • Joe Jones


    Joe Jones on the right giving it the ol' body English and Andy Hackett spotting for him.

  • Alan and Jessi Wellentin


    Alan Wellentin and his daughter Jessi.

  • Craig Blodgett


    Craig Blodgett

  • Mitchell Blodgett


    Mitchell Blodgett

  • Bill Carder


    Bill Carder

  • Bob Walker


    Bob Walker

  • Freddy Hagens


    Freddy Hagens

  • Gary McClellan


    Gary McClellan

  • Gordon Anderson


    Gordon Anderson

  • Rex Lesher and Gordon Anderson


    Rex Lesher and Gordon Anderson

  • Rick Bergeron


    Rick Bergeron

  • NSRCA2013-030.jpg

    Joe Jones, Andy Hackett, and Art Kelly

— The Whole Gang! —

  • L to R:
  • Art Kelly
  • Rick Bergeron
  • Jessi Wellentin
  • Alan Wellentin
  • Rex Lesher
  • Andy Hackett
  • Gordon Anderson
  • Pat Harris
  • Joe Jones
  • Bill Carder
  • Freddy Hagens
  • Lucy Blodgett
  • Craig Blodgett
  • Mitchell Blodgett
  • Gary McClellan
  • Bob Walker
  • Meri Anderson
  • Not pictured:
  • Jerry Stinson

— Winners —

Mitchell Blodgett, 14 years old from Reno.
Joe Jones close second.
Art Kelly.
Advanced: (closest results in recent memory!)
Bill Carter, Woodburn.
Bob Walker, Woodburn (back by only 3/10 of a point).
Craig Blodgett from Reno.
Gary McClellan, Springfield.

6 rounds in one day has never been done but the weather was rapidly closing in with 100% chance of rain Sunday with 20mph winds. The boys were motivated!