IMAC contest at Agate Field, April 25-26, 2015

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As many of you already know, 2014 was not a banner event year for the Rogue Eagles as we were in the deep dark midst of constructing a new runway. Despite solid attempts last year we were unable to even have an IMAC contest at our field. So, it was with great anticipation that we were looking forward to showing off our brand new 600' runway with the first contest event of the year — The IMAC. Then Mother Nature acted like she was bored with the sunny pleasant weather we experienced for much of February and March and seemed to throw us a curve. The weatherman was predicting dire tidings of nasty weather on the way. To say the clouds were ominous would have been an understatement.


Well, the event went on without a hitch and the only rain was seen to bypass our field by many miles. There were smiles all around as the pilots and staff geared up to 'get with the program'.

  • Left-to-Right:
  • Tim Agee
  • Richard Agee
  • John Paul Takacs
  • Ray Wasson
  • Ray Wasson Jr.
  • John Parks
  • Matt Swarts
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Larry Cogdell
  • Harvey Gilmore
  • Kelly White
  • Jerry Stinson
  • Bill Newman
  • James Karmy
  • Jay Strickland
  • Tom Everts
  • Scott Hudson
  • Larry Myers
  • Steve Coleman
  • John Gaines

(Apologies to Steve Coleman for snapping the picture before he could turn around!)

— Winners —

Basic Class:
First Place - Kelly White (Grants Pass)
Second Place - Jerry Stinson (Medford)
Third Place - Harvey Gilmore (Medford)
Sportsman Class:
First Place - Scott Hudson (Medford)
Second Place - Tom Everts (Gold Hill)
Third Place - James Karmy (Hermiston)
Advanced Class:
First place - John Paul Takacs (Portland)
Second Place - Steve Coleman (Medford)
Third Place - Bill Newman (Everett, WA)
Senior Class (over 55):
First Place - Tom Everts

— Pilots (in no particular order) —

The Rogue Eagles were well represented with many first time contestants. Many thanks to Jay Strickland who was our CD for this event with the help of Larry Myers, Calvin Emigh, John Parks and Matt Swarts and many others. It looks like IMAC has found a happy home at Agate Skyways home of the Rogue Eagles.