IMAA Fly-In at Agate Skyways; July 13-15, 2012

IMAA events are, at their heart, a gathering of big bird enthusiasts who enjoy flying large models in a non-competitive great big old happy family sort of way. It is basically an open family of pilots who love to meet and enjoy remarkable camaraderie. Participants just seem to naturally jump in to aid each other. Pictured here are 16 of the 24 registered pilots who took part in this year's VERY SUNNY IMAA Fly-In. Please notice the distinguished gentleman in the blue shirt third from the left. Cliff Sands was the CD for this event and deserves a round of applause for his hard work and dedication. Thanks, Cliff


Left-to-Right: Bob Campbell, Mark Knigge, Cliff Sands, Larry Maerz, Gary Croucher, Ron Kelso, Larry Myers, John Parks, Gary Neal, Glenn Fraser, Rick Lindsey, Ed Martin, Calvin Emigh, Fred Sargent, John Gaines, Corey Myers.


Bob Campbell from Sutherlin is a regular at these events and always brings models that are a pleasure to watch.

This year, Bob brought his twin Cessna 310 powered by two Saito 72's, his Super Chipmunk, and a nice Clipped wing cub built from a kit and covered and doped the old fashioned way.


Pictured here is his Super Chipmunk in its element and looking good. This airplane is IMAA-legal with a wingspan of 80 inches (an 80 inch wingspan is the minimum requirement to fly IMAA) and is powered by a very healthy 1.50 Saito. Flaps help it slow down to land. Chipmunks have a tendency to float and Bob makes landing look easy. He has had this bird for 5 years and reports that it is very acrobatic.


Mark Knigge is another traveler who came down from the Sutherlin area with this gorgeous Ultimate. Mark has been a member of IMAA for only one year but flew the doors off this mighty 56cc DLA powered (that is not a misprint, it really is a DLA) "Goldwing" ARF. This airplane, the second one like this that Mark has owned, has a 72 inch wingspan and weighs 15 pounds. Unfortunately, Mark was flying before the sun had risen very high and lost sight of his model. Of course, he did the only thing a pilot could do... chop the throttle and wait for the crunch. His spirit undaunted, he says he will repair it and battle the skies once again.


John Gaines brought out his beautiful Decathlon which sports a paint job that has to be seen to be believed. Those stars are PAINTED on.

A big bird, this little guy is a true 33 percenter with a 118 inch wingspan and is powered by a serious 70cc 3W twin. This impressive looking bird is also a scratch-built model.

John likes to push the performance envelope and usually wows the crowd with low passes that have lesser pilots mumbling to themselves. (He carefully monitors location and distance to stay safe.)


Yet another traveler from out of the Valley is Glenn Fraser who is pictured here with his Great Planes Big Stik, an 80.5 inch ARF with the incredibly light weight of only 12 pounds. A mildly tuned Zenoah 26cc gas engine combined with the low weight make this highly visible big bird very acrobatic. Glenn uses a JR Spektrum radio and has been a regular at IMAA events in Southern Oregon since 1988. This young man turned 79 years old January 5th and flies like a 20 year old.


Our own exalted Vice President and chief field maintenance engineer, Gary Neal, is proudly showing us his Stinson SR9 built from a kit.

This beauty sports an impressive 101 inch wingspan and is powered by a G-38 gas engine.

Although this bird is equipped with flaps for the landing slow-down duties, it is not easy to land. Planes of this design require a pilot to have nerves of steel to take off and land properly and Gary has pretty much mastered the technique.

CliffSandsSuperCub-220.jpg AAN_4127b-660w

Cliff Sands stands over 6 feet tall but is dwarfed by this enormous 140 inch Balsa USA Super Cub that he and Mort Sullivan built.

Powered by a G-62 gas engine, covered with Super Coverite AND having trick pneumatic brakes makes this bird the envy of a lot of pilots.

Cliff reports that it has been flying for 1 year and has logged 12 successful flights.

Next we have Cliff Sands probably explaining that this is not a real airplane despite its size. He may have a hard time explaining how anything that big is not carrying live passengers. That airplane is enormous!

The attention to detail has to be seen to be believed. The gauges are scale and totally realistic. Well done, Mr. Sands!

A big "Thank-You" to Pat Dunlap at PandSPhoto for contributing the lower three pictures.

AAN_4133-466w AAN_4128-466w

Martin Sherman's Balsa USA Stearman has been a show stopper for 4 years and shows no signs of fading. When he starts that 5 cylinder RCS 215cc Radial, gearheads all over the field get a drooly far-away look on their faces. The idle reminds people of a large block V-8; and when the throttle is punched to full, the 32x14 inch prop sings a song of big power. The plane weighs 46 pounds and has a top wing of 116 inches and a bottom wing of 'only' 111 inches. As a veteran of nearly 80 flights all over Southern Oregon, this plane has become an icon at many meets.


Larry Maerz is a dedicated Pitts Special pilot because his wife encourages him to fly one. This is his fourth one. Truly, Larry is a very smart modeler!

Even though it is technically a 33% scale airplane, it is small enough to be a handful on take-off and landings. A big G-45 engine makes this a seriously fast handling plane with a basic glide ratio of 'you-are-coming-down-right-now-REALLY'. This is a very entertaining ARF to fly.


Martin Sherman with his 84 inch Super Sportster ARF, pulled by a Saito 36cc gas engine, and accentuated by classy Mustang wheels and struts. A little touch like the addition of these wheels and struts can turn a "ho-hum" model into a very classy bird.


John Gains holding yet another Great Planes Super Sportster ARF.

It says something when confirmed kit and scratch builders can be found flying ARFs!

The following is an incomplete collection of photos of some of the flyers that came to our IMAA event and their fabulous models. My apologies to those I missed. — Rick

AlanLittlewoodChipmunk-463w.jpg AlanLittlewoodSpitfire-463w.jpg

Alan Littlewood and his 89" DynaFlite Chipmunk.

Alan Littlewood tips his prize winning Giant Spitfire.

DaleMcCuistionBipe-463w.jpg DaleMcCuistionCub-463w.jpg

Dale McCuistion and his Biplane.

Dale McCuistion and his nice Cub.

BruceHarlowFokker-463w.jpg CalvinEmighFlyBaby-463w.jpg

Bruce Harlow with his classic Fokker.

Calvin Emigh's Fly-Baby with the colors his Alma Mater.

Cory+LarrysYak-463w.jpg LarryMyersCub-463w.jpg

Corey Myers with his uncle's Yak

Larry Myers with his exquisite Super Cub

GaryCroucherCub1-463w.jpg EdMartinCessna-463w.jpg

Gary Croucher showing his pristine Cub

Ed Martin beside his beautiful Cessna 182

JayStricklandPup-463w.jpg RonKelsoRyanSTA-463w.jpg

Jay Strickland introduces his newly acquired Sopwith Pup.

Ron Kelso proudly presents his beautiful Ryan STA

RickTigerMoth-463w.jpg RickFleet-463w.jpg

Rick Lindsey with his nice Tiger Moth.

Rick Lindsey with his Fleet mail plane.