Cub Nuts 2010 September 11th in Molalla, Oregon

Or it could have been called "The Gathering of the Faithful".

Cub Nuts is a special fun fly dedicated to, you guessed it, Cubs only. While non pure Cubs are tolerated (Stinsons, Aeroncas), the vast majority of participants flew their beloved Cubs and flew them well!


Molalla has a beautiful grass runway.


And while there is plenty of room, out of bounds is jealously guarded by "THE BOYS"!

Of all the Cubs present (about 55), two really stood out the most. Larry Myers of the Rogue Eagles was literally flying the wheels off of his beautiful blue and white Clipped Wing 1/3 scale Super Cub.


Notice that he still has the left wheel on.

A field repair set everything right and he was able to finish about 9 flights. He so impressed the crowd, that...


...he was awarded a priceless hat for his effort!

The other hit was a 40% monster that was used both days to haul gliders up to altitude... BIG gliders!!


Bob and a friend managed to stuff a four cylinder 170cc fire breathing 3W into this!


That is a STUFF JOB!!!!


And by the way... Martin Sherman flies with his mouth open!

Truly a good time was had by all!

A skilled videographer shot a 15 minute video and got some great footage on YouTube...