Chili Fly-In at Agate Field, January 1, 2015

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Despite the fact that last month set records for the warmest December in many decades, it ended with an arctic blast to make sure we all knew that Winter had arrived. However, on Thursday, the 1st, we had a nearly windless, albeit cold, bright sunny day to usher in the start of a new flying season and the opportunity to re-establish old friendships.

Here you see the most intrepid Rogue Eagle for 2015. Kevin Parker showed up at 7 Am and managed to get a very cold engine started and made the first flight of the year to win the admiration of all who arrived later. Kevin did mention the wind was from a funny direction as well as the sun being very low on the horizon and those two factors caused him to have to land from the opposite direction we are all used to. Well done Kevin!

In all over 39 flyers showed up to bring in the New Year right with a flight or two to show Old Man Winter we survived and are ready to do some serious flying.

  • Standing (L-R):
  • unknown
  • Harvey Gilmore
  • Pat Dunlap
  • Roger Hebner
  • Guy Laine
  • Paul Starks
  • Ron Kelso
  • Calvin Aimee
  • John Gaines
  • Randy Hutton
  • Larry Maerz
  • Al Maerz
  • Cliff Sands
  • Les Simmons
  • Chuck Ammerman
  • Rod Elledge
  • Clark Wolf
  • Rob Merriman
  • Jerry Stinson
  • Larry Cogdell
  • Ray Wasson
  • Clayton Wasson
  • Jay Strickland
  • Danny Laviolett
  • Martin Sherman
  • Richard Pekarek
  • Kneeling (L-R):
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Mrs. McCuistion
  • Ron Dilday
  • Richard Agee
  • Tim Agee
  • Howie Simmons
  • Bruce Tharpe
  • Doug McKee
  • Larry Myers
  • Kevin Parker
  • Not Pictured:
  • Rick Lindsey (photographer)
  • Rickie Nunes (arrived at his usual time)

It is always great to see the gang after such a long winter and here they are in no particular order. This is Cliff Sands Dirty Birdy with gear up and rocking and rolling through the very blue sky. Until all of the fuel was gone that is… note the very unmoving propeller. Cliff made a spot-on dead stick landing and as always made it look easy.

  • Ron Kelso is very seriously keeping his extremely cold fingers out of a very sharp APC prop. He went on to fly his "Magic Eight Ball" after carefully warming the cold engine.

  • Rod Elledge and Howie Simmons are warming up Rod's (kit built) Astro-Hog. Most of the engines ran remarkably well despite the upper 30's to low 40's temperatures.

  • Doug McKee had no trouble coaxing his electric powered Yak to start up.

  • Les Simmons with his SCRATCH BUILT purple and white bomb. Les has developed into a fearless model builder and deserves praise to do one from scratch!

  • Chuck Ammerman calm and collected as usual. He did finish screwing in the wing hold down bolts after posing for this picture.

  • Paul Starks with his reliable Cub. He witnessed Kevin's 7 AM flight and attested that Kevin was the first up.

Clark Wolf and Richard Schwegerl showed off some four engine raging electric power-house B-17's. These two guys put on a show with some formation flying. These airplanes are remarkably docile and for some strange reason look bigger in the air than they do on the ground.

  • Yes, it was cold but Calvin Aimee and Larry Myers both did a wonderful job of providing for the flyer's comfort up to and including a very welcome place to thaw out as well as fantastic Chili and Spiced Sausages. In Fact, there was enough to feed a battalion! Some of us watching our diet could only look on and perhaps nibble a few radishes.