Chili Fly-In at Agate Field, January 1, 2014

Scheduling an RC event for the first day of January in Oregon is always a gutsy roll of the dice. Especially as December 2013 was the coldest December on record in the Rogue Valley. If it wasn't Frozen rain or Snow, it was frozen fog and very cold. Last month was definitely not a Chamber of Commerce postcard month for Medford. Then comes New Year's Eve with warming afternoon temperatures and more importantly some SUN! The big day arrived and Chili Feed day was here! No wind, some fog that quickly burnt off and fairly bright sun with temps cold but endurable and 2014 comes in with a big bright whoosh!

First Guy Up, Al Maerz

Congratulations go to Al Maerz for being the First Man Up in the New Year. He flew his Dad's Super Sport at 8:30 AM and safely landed with a perfect flight and very cold fingers!

Group Photo

In all over thirty flyers showed up to bring in the New Year right with a flight or two to show Old Man Winter we survived and are ready to do some serious flying.

Connie Nunes

We must thank Connie Nunes for graciously taking our group photo… Thanks, Connie!

Ron Dilday

It is always great to see the gang after such a long winter and here they are in no particular order.

This is Ron Dilday giving us all a big Rogue Eagles smile.

  • First Disbelief

    At first there was disbelief ! Then as the news sinks in…

  • Jay and Rick

    Jay Strickland appears to be taking it hard as Rick Nunes explains we are out of Chili.

Joe DeAscentis, Jerry Stinson, Larry Cogdell

Joe DeAscentis and Jerry Stinson listen while Larry Cogdell explains something round?

Eric Dzuira

Eric Dziura with his fun-to-fly Saratoga.

Tom Everts, Rob Fralick, Larry Myers

Tom Everts, Rob Fralick and our CD, Mr. Larry Myers (Thanks, Larry).

Cliff Sands

Cliff sands with his recently repaired "Take no Prisoners" twin 1.08's BOMB!

Calvin Emigh

Calvin Emigh showing off his beautiful Dirty Birdy (ARF). Calvin supplied the Special Italian Sausage that everyone scarfed up!

Dave Boteller, Tom Everts, and Rick Nunes with his Tiger Moth

These men came to fly! Dave Boteler, Tom Everts and Rick Nunes.

We wish to thank Larry Myers and Calvin Emigh for bringing the food and preparing it for the Hungry Eagles. Thanks!!