January 1, 2012, Chili Fly-in at Agate Field in Medford, Oregon

The first event of the year went off with almost the full cooperation of Mother Nature! In spite of the morning fog, 33 flyers showed up (plus over 30 spectators) as well as no wind and (eventually) very blue skies. If you are a student of weather in Southern Oregon in January, you are probably aware that we were graced with a very unusual day for the second year in-a-row.

Of course, a Chili Fly-in pretty much has to have "CHILI" as part of the day's festivities. We had that as well as sausages, meatballs, all of the fixings and a wonderful bonfire for which we are very grateful to Larry Myers, John Parks, Chuck, Pat, Calvin Emigh, Gary Croucher, Danny Stanton, Debbie Starks and probably others who preferred to stay behind the scenes. If the turn-out for this event is any indication of our enthusiasm for R/C flying, the Rogue Eagles are looking forward to a banner year in our workshops and in the air!


Everyone's favorite 2 time past-president Danny Stanton showed us all how to do it with a beautiful Ryan Navion. This beauty has a GMS .76 engine, a 64" wingspan, as well as perfectly trimmed flaps that work so well no corrections are needed when they are deployed.

Danny has been flying airplanes since he was eight and since he is now 76 that would make... er... um... many years in the hobby. Mr. Stanton is not slowing down one whit and is currently working on a Stagger Wing Beechcraft with a nasty 2.3 cu.in. Webra Bully gas engine. With a name like that, look out sound barrier!


The nefarious Paul Starks beat everyone to the punch by flying his "Night Vapor" at 12:13 AM January 1st to become the first Rogue Eagle to take to the skies in 2012. Paul accomplished this with the aide of his wife, Debbie Starks. Together they flew their own little bomb into the skies amid bombs, rockets and other loud booms in a perfect star studded early morning flight. Of course, he needed lights on his plane (wimp).


Very few biplanes made it out New Year's Day with the exception of Chuck Ammerman's great flying Ultimate Bipe. This tidy airplane is sporting an OS 1.20 two stroke engine. Chuck reports that this combination has been good for 6 years of flying and counting.

Chuck is currently working on a float-plane to participate in the upcoming Agate Float Fly in April (see the EVENTS Calendar).


Contrary to popular myth, our illustrious "Chief" Jay Strickland does actually fly on occasion. At the time this photo was taken, Mr. Strickland was experiencing "technical difficulties" due to the cold weather, but managed to get airborne after gritting his teeth and using some "magic" Navy words.