Big Bird Fly-In; June 24-26, 2016

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This year's fly-in brought together a diverse set of big model airplanes that together provided enough eye candy to make us all proud. Our event attracted 23 pilots four of which were from out of town, 3 flying Marvel Comics Superheroes, 3 meticulous Jets, a plethora of military birds and 2 one-third scale giants.

The Jets

Cliff Sands, Paul Eagon from Vancouver and Bruce Tharpe all flew their jets with grace and style and just a bit of adrenaline mixed in.

The Superheros

John Parks (Batman), Calvin Emigh (Superman) and Cliff Sands (Skeletor) proved that Agate Skyways is a secret superhero lair. These figures are hand launched and fly surprisingly well and are here being tuned up for a wild air-show act in late August.

The Warbirds

Dale McCuistion and Ron Dilday must have a Mustang franchise! Together they brought 3 giant Mustangs and flew the wheels off of one of them. Rick Lindsey joined in with a Balsa USA 1/4 scale Nieuport 17 powered by a Saito 170 triple.

The Retract Problems

The bane of most every warbird flyer is retracts that "let you down". There are so many things that can go wrong with landing gear that retracts into a wing that too often one of them seems to happen. The Dilday-McCuistion franchise suffered a collapsed wheel strut as did Rick Lindsey's 1/4 Spitfire. The results are predictable.

The Calm Pilot

Jay Strickland made a rare appearance and proceeded to calmly demonstrate the proper landing technique for a Super-Tiger engine. That is to say, a dead stick landing. All turned out well.

The Really Big Planes

Martin Sherman and Cliff Sands are both well known for having the baddest big planes around. Martin was flying a majestic 1/3 scale Fly-Baby Bipe powered by a Laser V-Twin 3.6 inch four stroke and Cliff was flying his Le Savage One that is a monster Bipe as well. Both always make it look easy.

The Unsung Heros

Gary Neal was CD for this event and deserves a shout out for how smooth everything was handled. To put on an event of this nature requires a lot of work before the first tent is pitched. Then managing the actual event itself... a BIG Thank-You!!!

Thanks also to Pat Dunlap and Rich Hume for taking some pretty darn good pictures!