Rogue-Eagles 2014 Airshow; August 16-17, 2014

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Our club turned 50 years old this year and we celebrated by our 36th consecutive airshow that set attendance records to be proud of. We are delighted to be able to donate the entire proceeds from the gate to the Children's Miracle Network to help children in Jackson County. This is just our way of giving back to a generous community that supports us year after year.

  • Larry Myers has been the CD for this event for a number of years. The amount of work he and his wife donate to this event strains credulity. Larry schedules part of his annual vacation so he can dedicate that time to managing this event. From accumulating raffle prizes to lining up pilots and their acts and a hundred details in between, Larry and Patty Myers have earned our heartfelt appreciation many times over for their personal contributions that have made our Air Show the best in Southern Oregon.

Our entire club pulled together to make this year's Air Show one of the best.

No airshow flies without talented pilots and the Rogue Eagles are blessed with an amazing group.

  • Standing (L-R):
  • Clark Wolf
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Mort Sullivan
  • John Gaines
  • Cliff Sands
  • Dave Bartholomew
  • Ron Kelso
  • Rod Elledge Sr.
  • Elbert Maerz
  • Jerry Stinson
  • Larry Maerz
  • Rob Merriman
  • Larry Cogdell
  • Larry Myers
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Don Coleman
  • Ron McElliott
  • Jay Strickland
  • Corey Myers
  • Tim Agee
  • Richard Agee
  • Kneeling (L-R):
  • Bruce Tharpe
  • Paul Starks
  • Ron Dilday
  • Richard Schwegerl
  • Not Pictured:
  • Alan Littlewood
  • Steve Coleman
  • Rob Fralick
  • Rich Hume
  • Doug McKee
  • and possibly more.

Our President, Jay Strickland Emceed both days with sparkling wit and driving enthusiasm.

Opening Ceremonies

Electric planes figured prominently in the show this year


Time for the really big planes

Ron McElliott with a two meter competition glider

The attack of the Pitts style biplanes!

Can you tell how the plane differs in these two pictures?...

RC pilots tend to be people who can focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else.

What follows is a medley of pilots concentrating so hard they almost seem to forget to breathe. These are the guys whose skills make the show.

Things that shouldn't fly

Snoopy and the "Green" Baron

This is what the kids have been waiting for. THE CANDY DROP!

A giant Rogue Eagles "Thank You" to our treasured sponsors!

  • AlsCycle+Hobby-467w.jpgAlsCycle+Hobby-467w.jpg

    We wish to thank Al's Hobbies and PARR Lumber for supplying many items for the AirShow raffle. As long-time members of our supporting family, we hope that you will favor them with your business.

We would be remiss if we closed without thanking Knife River once again for working above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with a brand new 600' runway... easily the finest R/C aircraft runway in Southern Oregon!