Air Show 2013 at Agate Skyways; August 17 - 18, 2013


Every year the Rogue Eagles take great pride and pleasure in bringing to the Rogue Valley our model airplane airshow. We have two main goals when we put on this show. Goal number one is to earn money to donate to the Children's Miracle Network. 100% of the gate receipts for this Airshow went to this local charity which provides vital services to the children of the Rogue Valley. Secondly, we love what we do, and we want to share our hobby and passion for model airplanes with the general public. The Air Show is an opportunity to show off a sample of our fun by presenting a choreographed program of flight activities. After the show we always open up the pit area for spectators to get a close-up view of the aircraft and talk with the pilots.

We thank all of the folks who came out and donated to a great cause while spending the day with us, the businesses that provided the financial support that made this show possible, the members who participated behind the scenes, and the pilots whose skills and enthusiasm make this event come to life. We also thank Eric Kees and Pat Dunlap without whose photo skills this web page would not have been possible.

We are already looking forward to doing this again next year!

Director, Emcee -
Jay Strickland
PR and advance Promotion -
Larry Cogdell
Flightline Boss -
Larry Myers
Chief Pilot -
Cliff Sands
Audio Tech -
Patty Myers
Field Prep -
Dale McCuistion and Ron Dilday
Doer of many good deeds -
Corey Myers
Front Gate -
Marti Strickland
Technical Consultant -
Calvin Emigh


  • Alan Littlewood
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Clark Wolfe
  • Cliff Sands
  • Corey Myers
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Dave Bartholomew
  • Don Coleman
  • Doug McKee
  • Ed Rapoza
  • Fred Sargent
  • Howe Simmons
  • Jay Strickland
  • John Parks
  • Larry Cogdell
  • Larry Maerz
  • Larry Myers
  • Nick Hiltbold
  • Rich Schwegerl
  • Richard Hume
  • Rod Elledge
  • Ron Dilday
  • Ron McElliott
  • The Tharpe Family
  • Tim Agee

We invite anyone who is interested in learning to fly R/C planes to check our web site and learn more about our club. R/C flight instruction is free and we have several designated trainers who are glad to teach new pilots how to fly!

— Jay Strickland, President, Rogue Eagles R/C Club

Photos on this page were taken by Eric Kees (except as noted).

(Most images are "twice clickable" and will enlarge significantly. To learn more, see About Our Images...)

  • Pilots and CD/emcee gather for a last minute review of the program schedule before the show starts.

  • Spectators fill the seats before the Airshow begins.

  • Our show opens with the raising of the flag and honoring the vets in the club who have kept our country free.

  • An honor flight with the Stars and Stripes flying proud carried by an 84 inch Great Planes Super Sportster ARF owned and piloted by Larry Maerz.

  • A man-figure dropped from BTE's Super Flyin' King parachutes to the ground with a chute made from an American flag. Howie Simmons makes a great catch with Calvin Emigh in hot pursuit.

  • Larry Cogdell's Airfield 5-channel, 55" twin brushless electric B-25 Mitchell with electric retracts. This fine Airfield RTF is modeled after the B-25D named Tondelayo. Larry says, "It flies like a dream and is very easy to land." The B-25 Mitchell became the Allies' most versatile bomber during WWII.

  • Rogue Eagles President and Air Show CD/emcee Jay Strickland chats with the Old Farmer (Dave Bartholomew) before his tortuous flight (actually piloted behind the scenes by Larry Myers, owner of the Cub).

Ron Dilday's GeeBee racer flown by Dale McCuistion... fast but a handful to land. Powered by a YS140 engine.

Ron McElliott flying a one-of-a-kind Osprey. Ron's sailplane is of glass and composite construction and has a 120" wingspan.

  • DSC_3720.jpgDSC_3720.jpgphoto by: Pat Dunlap

    Glider on approach with flaps down.

Don Coleman prepping a chopper to be flown by Don and his son, Steve. The Aurora Avant is powered by an OS90 Hyper engine and has a 5' rotor arc.

From left, Richard Pekarek and Bruce Tharpe starting Bruce's control line Dyna-Jet Red Head pulse-jet. The pulse-jet engine dates back to the mid '40s and only has one moving part, a reed valve. Compressed air is blown through engine, mixes with Coleman fuel, a spark is applied and the engine starts, WOW!'s LOUD!

  • Dale McCuistion moves his P-51 Mustang to the startup pad.

  • Dale McCuistion readies his P-51 Mustang.

  • Rich Schwegerl moves Clark Wolf's Focke Wulf to the startup pad.

  • Clarke Wolf and Richard Schwegerl startup the DA50 engine in Clarke's 1/5-scale KMP FW-190 Focke Wulf.

  • Larry Maerz's Nieuport 28, a WWI French fighter, checked out, warmed up and ready to fly. Larry's son, Elbert, is waiting for the signal to let her go.

  • Calvin Emigh's red, white and blue Ultrasport 1000; a pattern ship powered by an OS 160. The blue bipe is a 1/3 scale Balsa USA "Der Jäger D IV" kit that was rescued from the garbage heap by Martin Sherman.

  • Field activities.

  • Field activities.

  • Ron McElliott with his electric powered Red Tail hawk. This "bird" looks so real in the air!

  • Corey Myers' cub being flown by Calvin Emigh during the Ribbon Chase. The Cub won!"

  • Doug McKee's all composite, 160mph, E-flite Habu 32 EDF ducted fan jet on approach.

  • The plane with the blue fuse is Alan Littlewood's Mooney. It has a wingspan of 72" and is powered by an O.S. FS-61 four-stroke engine.

  • Richard Phillips from Gold Hill and Dave Bartholomew.

  • Larry Myers' Tournament of Champions (TOC) Aviation 35% Yak 54 piloted by his nephew, Corey Myers.

  • Bruce Tharpe's Park Zone Radian 2-meter electric powered glider.

    To reduce drag, the prop folds back when motor stops.

  • John Parks' iconic N2S Stearman.

    John Parks' 1/3 scale N2S Stearman was originally built by Martin Sherman and sports an RCS 215cc 5 cylinder radial that has to be heard to be believed. For more photos of this magnificent plane, see IMAA 2012.

  • Alan Littlewood's Sea Fury.

    The kit is from Top Flight. Wing Span is 64" and weighs 12 pounds. Pneumatic retracts, 8 servos and has a YS91 four stroke engine that propels it nicely. It is eight years old and had major damage from a mid-air collision, but Alan repaired it and it keeps on flying. Alan describes it as very stable and a joy to fly.

    The Sea Fury was the last piston-engined fighter developed by the Hawker Aircraft Company during the latter half of WW2. It entered service with the Royal Navy in 1947 as a carrier-borne fighter-bomber, hence the name Sea Fury. Pulled by a 5-bladed prop, it was used very effectively in the Korean war, shooting down more than one Mig 15.

Alan Littlewood is also a 1/3 scale Great Planes Pitts Special pilot. This bird has a 69" wingspan and has been fitted with a screaming MOKI 2.10 engine.

It's no secret that Cliff Sands loves fast planes!

"Double Trouble", as Rick calls it, is actually a Witchcraft Twin powered by 2 OS 1.08 engines and, even with Robart retracts, only weighs 14 pounds. This bird was scratch built from plans and is very fast. Wing span is 90".

More photos of this unique twin engine racer can be found at the top of the PotLuck 2013 photo page.

  • Cliff Sands' amazing Giant Super Cub.

    Cliff Sands' 140 inch Balsa USA Giant Super Cub powered by a Zenoah G-62 2-stroke gas engine and weighs 40 pounds. This model was started by Mort Sullivan then traded to Cliff who finished it. It features pneumatic brakes, strobe and landing lights and a scale interior. To see more photos of this magnificent bird, check out these photogallery pages: IMAA 2011, IMAA 2012 and Warbirds 2012.

Loosely Related Photos

  • Nick Hiltbold and Don Coleman; Larry Maerz's Pitts Special on the pad.

  • On the left, Larry Maerz with his son, Allen, holding his Pitts Special, and Calvin Emigh with Corey Myers holding Calvin's Super Stinker.

  • Calvin Emigh's Midwest Super Stinker.

    Calvin says that he bought his Super Stinker about 4 years ago and outfitted it with an Aerovate 50cc opposed twin that he aquired from Martin Sherman. He adds, "The Super Stinker is a relative to the “Pitt’s family”, has a short moment (tail section), is very maneuverable and is guaranteed to ground loop." ... Oh, and it glides like a rock!

  • Awaiting take-off (Pawnee in line).

  • Chuck's Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee 40.

    This beauty has an 80" wing span and is powered by an Evolution 10cc gas engine. She is a very scale flying plane that can also be flown with 52 electric. The Pawnee is Piper's longstanding crop duster.

Accidents took a costly toll during this year's Air Show.

  • Cliff Sands and Jay Strickland were all set for a paired flight with their 1/3 scale Sopwith Pups. Cliff's 2 year old Pup was built from a Balsa USA kit and had a Zenoah G-62 gas engine with 1.75 to 1 gear reduction and swung a 30 x 12 prop. Minutes into his flight, Cliff's Pup suffered a broken flying wire. The bottom wing slammed against the top wing and the plane spiraled down out of control. The stress failure brought a sad and sudden end to a painstakingly crafted great flyer.

  • Larry Maerz and Cliff Sands.

  • Scale interior of Cliff's pup.

  • Jay Strickland's 1/3-scale Pup, built from a Balsa USA kit by Martin Sherman, continued its flight enjoying a graceful day in the air and a safe landing.

A very large family photo of Cliff Sands and Martin Sherman (the original builder/owner of Jay's Pup) with their legendary Sopwith Pups can be found at the bottom of the IMAA 2011 photo page.

  • Larry Maerz planned to demonstrate his giant scale J-3 Cub.
    Flying conditions were perfect, but mechanical failure loomed for this unsuspecting bird.

  • IMG_8891.jpgIMG_8891.jpg

The detached wing casually floated down last.

Larry was pretty confident that a bolt failed. This bolt connected the bottom end of the wing strut to the fuselage. The struts are functional on this model; it depends on the struts for structural integrity. Once the strut came loose, the wing attachment failed.

  • Dale McCuistion's Focke Wulf FW190.

  • IMG_9525.jpgIMG_9525.jpg

    We extend our condolences to Dale McCuistion for the loss of his Focke Wulf during his performance as the "Red Baron" combatting Snoopy. Dale tried to fly slow enough to stay in the act but his plane stalled and crashed hard.

  • Fred Sargent's Giant scale Ultimate Pitts.

    Pilots and flight line crew recover the remains of Fred Sargent's Giant scale Ultimate that crashed hard due to unexplained interruptions in radio control.

Things that shouldn't fly....

  • Dave Bartholomew's flying pizza box.

    Believe it or not... this fantasy concept in food delivery is already being done in real life with a GPS equipped smartphone, an app, and a smart quadrotor to carry the food!

  • Yikes! A flying lawnmower! (secretly piloted by John Parks.)

    This lawnmower was built off of plans and is powered by a pumped 91 Sato. Wingspan? "not very much". The radio system is a JR 9303 transmitter. It is not faster than a Ferrari and will not fly without a horizontal stabilizer. :)

  • We've heard many times that Ferrari's could fly, but we didn't really believe it... until now!

    Corey Myers and Calvin Emigh take the club's Ferrari for a spin. Piloted by Calvin Emigh.

  • The Flying Ferrari was built about 15 years ago from RCM plans by the late Jim Warner. The plans are actually for a flying Porsche, but Jim modified the aesthetics to make it a Ferrari. The basic "body" (wing) and tail are built up balsa; the sides are thick foam sheet. Powered by a four-stroke 1.20 engine, the Ferrari is a tricky bird to fly and has crashed several times in the past. It had a midair collision at this airshow with the flying Lawnmower, but the Ferrari survived without a scratch.

Snoopy vs. the Red Baron

  • Ace pilot Snoopy defends the skies over Agate Field from the menace of the Red Baron!

  • IMG_9489.jpgIMG_9489.jpg
  • IMG_9493.jpgIMG_9493.jpg
  • Snoopy's handler, Cliff Sands, says... "I scratch built Snoopy from plans. He has an OS 91 for power and is kinda of a handful to fly."

The grand finale of the show. A candy drop from BTE's Super Flyin' King.