Air Show 2012 at Agate Skyways; August 18-19

The yearly air show is historically the biggest event of the year and this year's show points out that it takes an entire club working together to pull it off. We are very proud of the participation of our members. Below you see a group photo of the pilots taken on Saturday which includes everyone except Cliff Sands.


Standing (L-R): Dave Bartholomew, Alan Littlewood, Bob Knudsen, Robert Fralick, Jay Strickland, Dale McCuistion, Martin Sherman, John Parks, Randy Lee, Patti Myers, Larry Myers, Rich DeMartini, Corey Myers, Allen Maerz, Larry Maerz, Rod Elledge, Doug McKee

Kneeling (L-R): Ron from Al's Hobbies, Gary Croucher, Larry Cogdell, Steve Coleman, Ben Musolf, Fred Sargent, Howie Simmons

Our CD, Larry Myers, wearing his lucky Hawaiian shirt. Larry works many, many hours behind the scenes to make the show the success it is. Larry assures us that he could not do his part without the tireless help of his wife, Patti. His job essentially starts in March and only ends when the curtain goes down after the final performance. Larry pilots the beautiful 1/3 scale Super Cub you see here with spectacular expertise.

LarryMyers-467w LarrysCub-467w

The same can be said for Larry Cogdell, our Public Relations officer who managed to garner incredible public awareness for this year's event. Thank-you, Larry, for a job well done. Incidentally, Larry is also the pilot of this electric ducted fan F-18 and "the Thing" (shown later).

LarryCogdell-467w LarryCogdellF16-467w

Even though Martin Sherman did not fly this year, he is responsible for the appearance of upwards of 6 planes that did. These include what has become an icon at many RC gatherings, the 1/3 scale Stearman sporting a robust 5 cylinder radial that has to be heard to be believed. Martin does look apprehensive but that is just a trick of the camera as he has full confidence in John Park's skill as a pilot.

Martin+John-467w StearmanFinal-467w

Our show opens with the raising of the flag and honoring the vets in the club who have made our country free. Below is an honor flight with the Stars and Stripes flying proud and two bipes trailing smoke. Thank you.

Flag6-467w SmokingBipes2-467w

Warbirds are always a special treat and we were graced with a full armada of beautifully prepared and flown World War II fighters and bombers.

Alan Littlewood brought his award winning Giant Spitfire.

LittlewoodsSpitfire1-467w LittlewoodsSpitfire2-467w

These are two views of John Parks' Thunderbolt... from the bottom... to the top.

ThunderboltBottom-467w ThunderboltTarmac-467w

We were visited by Randy Lee who is a Portland Sky Knight who flew a Hangar 9 P-51 Miss America so scale-like as to be indistinguishable from the real thing. Good show, Randy.

RandyLee-467w RandyLeesP51-467w

Of course, the good guys have to have a bad guy to chase around and that role fell to Dale McCuistion's Focke Wulf FW190.

A pair of World War One 1/3 scale Sopwith Pups thundered into action with majestic flights of very large biplanes.

JaysPup-467w CliffsPup-467w

The new, compact, fast, highly aerobatic Pitts Specials are a striking contrast to the large, graceful Sopwith Pups. Today a dedicated Pitts Special pilot, Larry Maerz, showed us how to fly one!

PittsInAir-467w PittsLow-467w

Next up we have a solo by our own Corey Myers a 16 year old pilot who is very skilled flying a 30% Yak. This is a job that Corey takes seriously as the plane belongs to his uncle who inspects it after every flight!

CoreyConcentrating-467w CoreysYak-467w

Our club pylon racers got into the action by wowing the crowd with an exhibition race flying their "Lil' Extra"s in which it was winner take all!

BigBobsYak2-467w DaleStartingBipe-467w

Yaks are popular 3D performance birds. This is Big Bob Knudsen's Yak.

Ground operations are part of every flight. Here we see Dale McCuistion starting his Stearman.

PreparingTheCubs-467w.jpg CubsInFormation-467w

Preparing the cubs for their exhibition flight together.

Cubs taking off in formation for their flight.

SteveColemansExtra-467w SteveDoing3D-467w

Steve Coleman giving a demonstration of "3D" flying. These planes are designed for extreme aerobatics.

Steve demonstrates that 3D flying isn't the exclusive domain of the well heeled with this smaller electric.

PulseJetOnWires-467w LeStrangeGoose-467w

Bruce Tharpe is flying a pulse jet engine powered model plane via control wires.

Cliff Sands' beautiful Bud Nosen kit, "Gere Sport", renamed "Le Strange Goose" or maybe "Le Wild Goose"....

KidsRunningForCandy-467w BudLiberatore-467w

Kids running onto Agate Field for candy after the candy drop.

Bud Liberatore takes a "flight" in the Burt Rutan designed flight simulator courtesy of EAA 319.

From the serious to the goofy. "If it has an engine, we will fly it," is our motto at the Rogue Eagles. Some examples can be found below.

FerrariFlying-467w BirdFake-467w

Yep, it's a flying Ferrari race car.

Watch out for the beak on this hawk.

Thing-467w Doghouse2-467w

A classic example of a ... uh 'THING'. Larry Cogdell's Quadrotor.

Mort Sullivan with Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel flying doghouse.

Lawnmower-467w DaveBartholomewPizza-467w

A flying lawnmower. Just what every garage needs.

Dave Bartholomew and his flying pizza box. Does this make it 'fast food'?

We at the Rogue Eagles are proud to put on an airshow that benefits our community in the form of a financial donation to "Children's Miracle Network". We have fun doing it. Many people participate to make this show possible. These are some who worked behind the scenes and some who tirelessly went overboard.

HowieSimmons-467w Katy2-467w

Howie Simmons who mowed the old fashioned way what appeared to be a football field sized patch of weeds.

Kati who will be a Rogue Eagle some day.

CliffLarryLarry-467w Patti+Joe-467w

Larry Maerz who flew 'till his thumbs fell off and Cliff Sands who leaves it all at the field.

Patti Myers who choreographed the music and Joe Kilbourn who managed the paperwork.

DaveBartholomew2-467w BenMusolf-467w

Dave Bartholomew who sold enough raffle tickets to paper all of Medford.

Ben Musolf who keeps us together as a family by publishing the Club's Newsletter.


We would like to recognize Gary Croucher as an unsung hero of Herculean proportions. This man worked many, many hours helping Gary Neal and others prepare the field. He did everything from weeding to cleaning the 'little pilots' rooms. Thank you very much, Gary, you are a special guy.


I would like to recognize as special a guest at the Air Show this year. Joe Hasler is a founding member of the Rogue Eagles, and is the fine gentleman who taught your webmaster how to fly many years ago. It's always a pleasure to see you, Joe.