Danny Stanton Memorial Float-Fly, May 1-3, 2015

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This year's Float fly had it all. The weather would have made a Chamber of Commerce postcard with light winds and perfect temperatures and lots of blue skies! The pilots were ready to start the fun fly season with lots of new airplanes (and some old favorites as well) along with plenty of enthusiasm.


As always, the grounds were immaculate and the odds and ends that make a successful float-fly were all in place and worked to perfection thanks to our hard working CD's Tom Everts and Larry Myers. These two along with many helpers from the Rogue Eagles are appreciated and we are already looking forward to next year's event.

Float flying really needs two people to safely launch a model airplane. The engine is running and the pilot has his hands full with transmitter duties while the helper has to place the airplane in the water without dousing the engine (or requiring first aid!). There is a certain amount of dexterity involved and here Cliff Sands readies his beautiful Mort Sullivan built Venture 60 for Bruce Tharpe to take it for a spin.

Of course, one can avoid all of the drama of placing a running nitro plane in the water if one has an electric plane. Mort Sullivan is getting ready to fly his Carbon Cub (electric).

There were many out of town flyers who make the trip every year to share in the fun. Coy Dhroman makes the trip from Klamath Falls and Bob Campbell drives down from Sutherlin way. Both are regulars at float flies in Southern Oregon.

Half of the fun is seeing old friends who just come out to spectate. Paul Chapman (right) is trying to ignore Tom Evert's mustache comb. Actually, no one seems to know what that object is ... could it be a small spanner wrench seen edge-on?

Our good friend Glen Fraser made the trip from Merlin to supervise and soak up some sun.

  • After a long winter many tender Oregonians seek shelter from the blazing sun to protect themselves from getting a case of sunburn. Richard Pekarek must have said something hilarious to break up Paul Starks. What is in that bottle of Snapple? Those two egged each other on all weekend.

Many pilots braved the blazing sunshine to work on their ... er ... sunburn.

In no particular order, here are the role models for SPF 50 sunscreen.

The motley crew

  • Standing (L-R):
  • Jay Strickland
  • Paul Starks
  • Richard Pekarek
  • Tom Everts
  • Les Simmons
  • Dave Bartholomew
  • John Gaines
  • Corey Myers
  • Jerry Stinson (tall guy)
  • Gary Neal (in front)
  • Calvin Emigh
  • Cindy Stanton
  • John Parks
  • Robert Fralick
  • Larry Myers
  • Bill Hartman
  • Ron Kelso
  • Richard Schwegerl
  • Clark Wolf
  • Joe Porhammer (Grants Pass)
  • Bud Shirley
  • Dale McCuistion
  • Phil Baehne
  • Rod Elledge
  • Chason Elledge
  • Larry Masten
  • Martin Sherman
  • Kids in front (L-R):
  • ?
  • ?
  • Carrson Anderson

This weekend was one of the best from a spectator's viewpoint
as there was always a plane in the air and many times 3 or 4 or 5!

The men who manned the retrieval boat deserve a special shout-out!

  • All of them manned the boat at one time or another instead of themselves being able to fly. We thank them all very much and one in particular whose name I have been unable to identify. Specifically, a certain NorthStar lost its "bind" 2 seconds after it was placed in the water. The luckless pilot could only admire the constant strong idle and straight and true path the plane took as it sailed across the lake at 2 mph. The gentleman manning the boat was rescuing another plane but did give chase. The boat's battery chose that moment to expire. Undaunted, the wonderful boat captain pulled out the oars and chased down the still idling plane ACROSS the lake and brought it back safely to its happy owner, who shall remain nameless as well .

  • After the dust had settled, we looked back at a wonderful time and quietly remembered our old friend, Danny Stanton, who we miss.