Agate Lake Float Fly; April 18-20, 2014

Despite the drought in Southern Oregon, Agate Lake was full to overflowing and as you can see from the picture of Mount McLaughlin, there was lots of snow to dress up the mountain. We know we are lucky to have such a fantastic venue in which to enjoy our hobby.

Mount McLaughlinMountMcLaughlin-952w.jpg
Rick Nunes and BriannaRickNunes+Brianna-952w.jpg

Our CD, Rickie Nunes wishes to thank the twenty or so men and women who came out a week before the event to mow and weed-eat and spruce up the park. It is gratifying to have that kind of participation and willingness to help shown by our club members. Well done! Thanks to Brianna seen here with her grandfather, Rickie Nunes. Brianna manned the raffle tickets sale as well as hawking tickets to the flyers. A special shout-out goes to Rob Fralick who jumped in to help during and after the event. In addition, it should be noted that 42 pilots registered to fly at this event probably breaking all records for previous float-flys. Also, thanks must go to Pat Dunlap for contributing many photos to this page.

Cliff Sands brought his mighty biplane that has floats big enough to double as kayaks! While the plane got off the water and flew well the engine was experiencing some overheating. Cliff plans a series of baffles that should solve the problem.

John Gaines is here showing off his very large Decathlon. This airplane is so big a special dolly is employed to ease launching. Imagine starting this thing and while the engine is running easing it into the water. It actually works and John reports that recent tweaks with aileron differential have made this high wing a very aerobatic big plane.

This is Robert Fralick's pattern float flyer. It could probably enter a pattern contest with the floats on it and do very well. Highly maneuverable... and fast!

Ron Kelso presenting a John Gaines built float plane. Somehow Ron seems to get the best workmanship out of John. The USCG is a very nice flyer. It is a Super Sportster 90/120 kit that Ron found on e-bay.  It has an OS 1.08 (of course) and the wing span is 72 inches.  The floats are Snider Racing Cup floats.

Les and Howie Simmons helping Chuck Ammerman with his Falcon (kit built and converted from wheels).

Bruce Tharpe of BTE fame holding his trademark Venture model. During the last 4 or 5 years the Venture has become one of the favorites of float flyers. It seems that every meet has several of them being flown by very happy pilots. Bruce manufactures the kits in his large workshop in Wimer a hundred at a time.

Rickie Nunes took some time off of CD'ing to scare the fish with his speedboat. If it had wings, it would fly. Notice that it is virtually flying anyway!

The weatherman had warned of 11 mph winds on Saturday. He underestimated them by about 10 mph. Flying pretty much came to a standstill. Dale McCuistion could barely hold on to his Slow Stik complete with tassles.

Phil Baehme finally got to taxi his enormous Spruce Goose replica. The rudder steering was inadequate so a take-off was aborted but the sound of six engines running was very musical to those of us who like two-strokes. Yes, there are eight engines on the plane but the two inboard engines had a fueling problem.

The following shots are just interesting to look at.

This plane obviously spotted the dam and decided to do a hard turn to live longer.

Sometimes when it goes bad, it just goes bad. He did save it.